Racial discrimination claimed after employee comments on marijuana email

Category: News | Posted on Mon, September, 12th 2011 by THCFinder
After being fired for responding to a co-worker's email about marijuana, Krisner O. Green filed a racial discrimination lawsuit against Pan America Laboratories on Sept. 8 in federal court in New Orleans.
Green was employed by the defendant from July 2010 until his termination in September 2010, the lawsuit claims. He states he was subjected to racial remarks and a racially hostile work environment during his three month employment. 
According to the lawsuit, in September an email was sent to several co-workers that contained a link to an article in the local online newspaper about the street value of marijuana seized from an arrest.
Green replied to the email that "it was crazy and not possible." 
Several days later, the company terminated Green and two other African Americans stating that the email was not within the culture or beliefs of the company. 
He states he was subjected to racial remarks and a racially hostile work environment during his three month employment. Specifically, Green states that the company owner referred to black employees as "them" and "yall." 
The plaintiff is asking the court to issue an injunction preventing the defendant from further unlawful practices and for an award of back pay, interest, bonuses, pension, lost benefits, compensatory damages for pain and suffering, emotional distress, mental anguish, loss of reputation, embarrassment, humiliation, punitive damages, court costs and attorney's fees. 


Dispensary Owner Charged For Offering Free Pot

Category: News | Posted on Mon, September, 12th 2011 by THCFinder
Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette and Secretary of State Ruth Johnson announced a Lansing marijuana dispensary owner has been charged with violating Michigan election law for allegedly offering free marijuana to citizens who registered to vote as an inducement to influence their manner of voting. Shekina Pena, 34, owner of Your Healthy Choice Clinic, has been charged with one count of Election Law – Influencing Voters with Money Or Other Valuable Consideration.
“Voters did not intend for marijuana to be handed out as a door prize, especially when it undermines the integrity of our elections process,” said Schuette. “Secretary of State Johnson and I will work to ensure that Michigan election law is followed.”
“Integrity in elections is sacred to democracy,” said Johnson, who has made election reform a top priority for the Michigan Department of State. “The intent of their actions was clear – they offered their customers marijuana in exchange for voter registration. They also supplied a slate of their preferred candidates. This goes beyond election shenanigans. They should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”
Investigation by the Attorney General’s office revealed that on July 27, 2011, Pena’s dispensary allegedly offered free marijuana in exchange for citizens registering to vote. The dispensary allegedly encouraged the newly registered voters to support a certain slate of candidates running for Lansing City Council based on their position regarding regulation of marijuana dispensaries, including the one owned by Pena. The dispensary’s website also featured the slogan “Vote for Us and We’ll Vote For You.”
Michigan Election Law prohibits the provision of anything of value in order to induce or influence the manner of voting (MCL 168.931(1)(a)). Such violations are misdemeanors punishable by up to 90 days in jail and/or a $500 fine.
The charge against Pena was filed today in Lansing’s 54A District Court. Pena was arraigned before Judge DeLuca and a personal bond of $3,500 was set. Future court dates have yet to be scheduled. 


Medical Marijuana Patient Groups Sue City

Category: News | Posted on Fri, September, 9th 2011 by THCFinder
A group of medical marijuana patient groups claim the city missed a legal step before implementing their pot ordinance. KABC's Jo Kwon says now they're suing. 
Pot Patients Challenge LA Ordinance on Environmental Grounds
A group devoted to the rights of medical marijuana patients announced Wednesday that it has filed a legal challenge to a Los Angeles ordinance regulating pot dispensaries on the grounds that an environmental impact report was not created.
"The City Attorney pushed an ordinance through the City Council in January 2010 that was so full of contradictions and legally questionable rules that a judge placed a hold on its implementation, and it has since then had to be frequently amended in an effort to survive 57 lawsuits, which should be decided by the end of this month," said James Shaw, director of the Union of Medical Marijuana Patients in a statement. "No one, however, has recognized that the ordinance cannot be implemented at all until an EIR is prepared, as required by the California
Environmental Quality Act, or CEQA, on the impact of reducing the number of medical cannabis locations from 400 to 100 and then forcing most of the 100 to move." 


Linn State Technical College Begins Widespread Drug Tests

Category: News | Posted on Thu, September, 8th 2011 by THCFinder

Talk about crossing the line, a college located in Missouri has decided they have the right to test every single one of their students for a list of drugs.

LINN, Mo. — Textbooks? Check. School sweatshirt? Check. Urine specimen cup? Only if you want to stay in school.
A drug-free demand greeted new students Wednesday at Linn State Technical College, a two-year school in central Missouri that has enacted what may be the most far-reaching drug testing policy at a public college or university in the country.
Federal and state courts have consistently upheld more limited drug testing of public high schools students, such as those who play sports, as well as NCAA athletes and students at private colleges. But the move by Linn State to enact widespread drug tests of the general student body appears unprecedented – and no small point of pride for administrators at the state's only technical college.
"It does appear that our program is unique in its scope and breadth," said Kent Brown, a Jefferson City attorney who represents the 1,200-student school, which is located about 100 miles southwest of St. Louis. "But there aren't very many colleges as unique as ours."
School leaders say the tests, which they prefer to call drug screenings, are necessary to ensure student safety at a campus where the coursework includes aircraft maintenance, heavy engine repair, nuclear technology and other dangerous tasks. They surveyed hundreds of local employers, who overwhelmingly supported a requirement those same students will soon encounter in the job market, said Richard Pemberton, associate dean of student affairs.
"They're going to be faced with this as they go into the drug-free workplace," he said. "We want them to be prepared."


Ga. Supreme Court fires pot-smoking, door-smashing judge

Category: News | Posted on Tue, September, 6th 2011 by THCFinder
The state Supreme Court today ordered that a north Georgia magistrate be immediately and permanently removed from office, upholding a recommendation from the Judicial Qualifications Commission.
A just-issued summary of what the court said about Anthony Peters of Catoosa County includes this:
Today’s seven-page opinion details the findings of the commission’s investigation, which include Peters’ weekly use of marijuana during a two-month period in 2010, an incident in which he kicked in the doors at the house of his sister-in-law’s estranged husband, another time when he pointed a gun at himself and told another judge he was not afraid to die, and his appearance in 2010 on a local cable television show in which he called the chief magistrate judge “spineless” and revealed the identity of a confidential informant of the Catoosa County Sheriff’s office. The next day, while the sheriff was being interviewed on a TV talk show, Peters called in and, disguising his voice with various foreign accents, called the sheriff a “spineless jelly spine.”
Peters’ conduct violates the Code of Judicial Conduct, the opinion says, and under the Georgia Constitution of 1983, “[a]ny judge may be removed, suspended, or otherwise disciplined for willful misconduct in office,…or for conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice which brings the judicial office into disrepute.”
Peters admitted much of the misconduct at a hearing in April before the Judicial Qualifications Commission but said he felt he’d been disciplined “enough” by having been placed on paid administrative leave since June 16, 2010.
“Notwithstanding Judge Peters’ personal belief that he has already received appropriate discipline, the record reveals that Judge Peters has not sought treatment for his admitted drug problems and has done nothing to show that he has any ability to live up to the high standard of conduct expected of members of the judiciary in Georgia,” the opinion says.
“Instead, he spent his time while on administrative leave publicly disparaging the Chief Magistrate Judge and the Sheriff of Catoosa County and endangering the life of a confidential informant by exposing his identity. Such willful misconduct is clearly ‘prejudicial to the administration of justice [and] brings the judicial office into disrepute.’”
“The public deserves much more from its judicial officers,” today’s opinion says, “and those judicial officers who cannot give the public what it deserves – confidence in the integrity and impartiality of the judiciary – do not deserve to continue to hold judicial office.”


Man gets 14-year imprisonment for marijuana possession

Category: News | Posted on Mon, September, 5th 2011 by THCFinder
Wow, another sad day for our industry when we see someone sentenced to 14 years in jail for having less than an ounce of weed on them. There are people who murder, rape, rob and so much worse that don't get 14 years in jail for their crimes. Why are we still prosecuting people and giving them sentences so long their lives will forever be ruined over a simple plant that is not harmful at all.
A 33-YEAR-old man from Panabo City was sentenced to 14 years in jail for possession of 18 grams of marijuana more than four and a half years ago.
Tagum City Regional Trial Court (RTC) Branch 30 presiding Judge Rowena Adlawan on August 5 sentenced Dave Martinez, of Purok 1, Barangay San Antonio, Panabo City of 12 years and one day to 14 years of imprisonment after finding him guilty of possessing six packs of dried marijuana leaves wrapped in a newspaper weighing 18 grams.
Adlawan also ordered Martinez to pay a penalty of P300,000.
Martinez was arrested by Senior Police Officer 1 Richie Nala, Police Officer 3 Divina Agocoy and Police Officer 1 Dexter Odi on January 24, 2007.
Martinez was one of three persons chased by the three policemen that day for riding a motorcycle without helmets.
The policemen cornered the respondents at DJ Cinema along Osmeña Extension, Tagum City, Davao del Norte.
When Nala asked for a driver's license, the one driving the motorcycle failed to present any, thus their arrest.
When the police frisked the three men, they found six packs of dried marijuana leaves wrapped in a newspaper in Martinez's possession. 



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