12 Middle School Students Suspended For Pro-Marijuana Signs

Category: News | Posted on Mon, November, 22nd 2010 by THCFinder

MINDEN, Nev. — Douglas County School District officials are urging parents to talk to their children about appropriate ways to express themselves at school in the wake of a drug-related incident at Carson Valley Middle School.

“One thing parents can do is to have talks with their kids,” said Superintendent Lisa Noonan. “They are obviously entitled to their opinions, but they have to express them in appropriate ways, so they don't create a bigger disturbance for the school.”

On Tuesday, CVMS Principal Robert Been said approximately a dozen freshman were disciplined, ranging from one-day in-school suspension to three-day out-of-school suspension, for inappropriately expressing opinions on marijuana use.

Been said the campaign stemmed for an earlier incident last week when three students were suspended, and cited by the Douglas County Sheriff's Office, for marijuana use off campus. 

“A number of friends decided to be somewhat creative,” Been said.

He said pro-marijuana signs were posted on walls, ceilings, in and around garbage cans and soda machines. He said one slogan was “Arresting kids is not part of Tiger pride.”

“Essentially, the gist of it is that it was a disruption to the school environment and counter to what we are trying to do in an educational environment,” Been said.

Noonan concurred with the course of action taken by school administrators. 

“The whole first amendment issue has certain restrictions when coming through that front door,” she said. “This is what I call a disruption of the learning environment. We want an orderly environment.”

Been said there was a similar infraction about two weeks ago, involving one of the same students. Otherwise, he said, the type of behavior is rare at CVMS.

“It was an isolated incident,” he said. 




French Duck Farmer Feeds Birds Cannabis

Category: News | Posted on Sun, November, 21st 2010 by THCFinder

A French duck farmer has been given a one month suspended jail sentence and has also been fined 500 euros for feeding his birds marijuana. He claims that feeding them marijuana rids them of worms and other unwanted pests. Police arrested Michel Rouyer from the village of Gripperie Saint Symphorien on the atlantic coast after they discovered 12 cannabis plants and around 11lbs of the drug after visiting the farm about a theft.




Michel Rouyer admitted smoking some of his crop himself but he did claim that most of the crop was given to his 150 ducks for medical purposes. Michel Rouyer quoted that “There is no better de worming substance for them and a specialists even advised me to do it.” Jean Piot, the farmer's lawyer, said “this is for real, not one duck has worms and they're all in excellent health.” A police spokesman said “It's the first time we've heard something like this.” 


Cannabis Fueling Bay Crime

Category: News | Posted on Sun, November, 21st 2010 by THCFinder

Bay of Plenty police fear the onset of warmer weather will create a boom in the region’s illicit cannabis industry, which they say fuels other crime in the area. Detective Senior Sergeant Lindsay Pilbrow of the Bay of Plenty Organized Crime Squad says “cannabis is still the most widely used drug in New Zealand”. “The impact of cannabis in Bay of Plenty communities is wide reaching and beyond the individual user, and it often translates into other areas of crime such as burglary, stolen cars, serious violence and intimidation.” “This is why targeting organized criminals making a living from the manufacture and distribution of illicit drugs is an ongoing focus for Bay of Plenty police.” 




A group of four youths aged 12to 14 were apprehended following a spate of vehicle break-ins just outside the CBD. “These kids had been stealing to pay for cannabis for their own use. This is a particularly a sad example, because it illustrates that young kids are already using cannabis and in addition, are committing crimes in order to do so.”


Detective Senior Sergeant Lindsay Pilbrow of the Bay of Plenty gave a statement informing residents around the area how to detect growers and or farmers of the crop. This is just one more move in the Bay of Plenty to help crack down on the crime which is unfortunately being associated with marijuana.


Smoking Marijuana As A Teen May Have Lasting Brain Effects

Category: News | Posted on Sat, November, 20th 2010 by THCFinder

Recently Scientists have been conducting tests on different drug responses in teenagers and in adults. Now it’s a known fact that teenagers will experience different side affects to taking drugs than adults would. Recently the tests though have been revolving around marijuana where speculations say that smoking pot may lead to lasting brain effects in teenagers rather than in adults.




A study presented at the Society for Neuroscience meeting, in San Diego last week, shows people who start using marijuana at a young age have more cognitive shortfalls. Also, the more marijuana a person used in adolescence, the more trouble they had with focus and attention. Staci Gruber the study author quoted the following “Early onset smokers have a different pattern of brain activity, plus got far fewer correct answers in a row and made way more errors on certain cognitive tests”.


Her study evaluated 29 non-smokers and 35 chronic marijuana smokers 20 began smoking pot regularly before age 16 while 15 started smoking after age 16. All were about 22 years old when the study was conducted. They were asked to perform a card-sorting task where they were shown four cards that differed in color, shape, and number. While the smokers performed tasks quickly, they did not learn from their errors when corrected. We do not encourage people to smoke marijuana but for all of you who are underage smokers, try to take a break before turning “Chronic” smokers as it may just take it toll on you later on in life.


Dozen People Arrested In Polk For Selling 'Fake Pot

Category: News | Posted on Fri, November, 19th 2010 by THCFinder

The products, with names like K2, Cloud Nine, Black Mamba and Kryptonite, are marketed as incense and available in convenience stores, tobacco shops, and on the Internet. It's legal to sell K2 in Florida except within the jurisdiction of Polk County. On Thursday Sheriff Judd held a press conference to announce that his deputies had arrested 12 people for selling K2 or similar products in the Polk County Region. The undercover sting marks the first time in Polk and possibly Florida where people were arrested for hawking the mixture of herbs, spices and other plant material.




At the press conference Sheriff Judd commented that "The sellers clearly know it is being smoked with the purpose of getting high". Sheriff Judd continued to say that "K2 is not simply some incense. It's not some little flower plant. It's a chemical compound on that flower."


The dried plant matter is sprayed with synthetic cannabinoids before being packaged and sold. The dozen store owners or clerks arrested this week were charged with selling an imitation controlled substance, a third degree felony. Law enforcement agencies typically use that charge to arrest people who, for example, sell baking soda as cocaine. Judd submitted the cases for review before undercover detectives checked stores selling K2. Both agencies agreed selling the products "was a violation of the law," the sheriff said. Prosecutors said they think the charges will hold up in court.


Going Dutch! Marijuana Cafes Could Close To Foreigners

Category: News | Posted on Fri, November, 19th 2010 by THCFinder

For many of years now Holland and mainly Amsterdam has been thought of to be the weed capital of the world, In Amsterdam you can find every possible strain of cannabis that you could possibly dream of. Amsterdam itself attracts more then a million British tourists each year alone all of them seeking the legal high that they could not possibly get in their own country, But all of this could possibly change within the near future. There has been talks now that the Dutch Justice Minister is thinking about turning all of the coffee shops in Amsterdam to be Dutch only which could possibly be terrible news for Holland. 




The Dutch Justice Minister Mr. Ivo Opstelten said that "Of course tourists are welcome to visit the Netherlands but not only to visit the coffee shops," he also further commented "In the near future, if we work out the processes, the coffee shops will not be accessible to tourists." The justice ministry confirmed the intention to implement the new coalition government's manifesto pledge within the run of the current parliament. For years Britons wishing to sample such herbal offerings that Amsterdam has to offer have been served by bus companies such as Dam Express. A local coffee shop owner quoted that 99% of all of his clients were in fact foreigners and such bans would literally destroy his business.



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