House Votes Down On Medical Marijuana Use

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The Illinois House has voted against the legislation of medical marijuana that would have approved the use of marijuana to ease pain or nausea because of illness. The long debated issue got just 53 of the 60 votes it needed for approval on Tuesday. Democratic Rep. Lou Lang used a procedure to postpone consideration of the measure to another time. 




The bill would allow people to get permission from a physician and the Department of Public Health to have marijuana plants in their home and use it for treating the symptoms of AIDS, cancer, glaucoma and other illnesses. Unfortunately other critics say that there are currently other drugs on the market that can ease pain in more or less the same manor and that Lang's bill doesn't address medical treatment  just possession of pot. The Senate OK'd the bill in May.


Huge Drug Stash In Springvale South

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Victorias biggest drug raid saw thousands of cannabis plants seized from 14 Greater Dandenong homes, with the largest stash found in a Springvale South house. The property was home to more than 400 plants with an estimated value of up to $1.6 million. Police said the occupants of the two storey house lived in one room with a kitchen, bed and television with the remaining 11 rooms devoted to cultivating marijuana in elaborate hydroponic set ups. 




Jelena Savic, said the occupants had been at the property for more than a year and she wasn’t surprised by the police discovery. “A lot of things like that have sort of happened in our area, robberies and things like that,” she said. In Dandenong North, police removed more than 350 cannabis plants from a house in Ural Court.

They said a fully mature plant could fetch up to $4000. Australian Federal Police and Drug Task Force officers were among those who raided 14 properties in Greater Dandenong, seizing more than 2360 cannabis plants and arresting nine people. Over two days there were three raids in Dandenong North, three in Noble Park, one in Noble Park North, five in Springvale and two in Springvale South


King Of Pot Still On The Run

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Two years ago police raided John Robert Boone’s (also known as the Kind Of Pot) farm as they suspected that he was once again growing marijuana plants. Upon arrival the police where right as they managed to seize over 2,400 marijuana plants. When they went for the arrest of John Boone it turned out that he had literally vanished like a puff of smoke. John Boone made his escape as he was facing a life sentence as this would of been his third time being caught growing marijuana. Police have found that tracking down the wanted criminal who resembles a tattooed Santa Clause has proven as hard as “trying to catch a ghost”.




Boone, who's trying to avoid the life sentence sympathizers in an area where many farmers down on their luck have planted marijuana, "That's all he's ever done, raising pot," said long time friend Larry Hawkins, who owns a bar and restaurant called Hawk's Place. "He never hurt anybody." As Hawkins puts it, there are two kinds of growers: "You've got the caught and the uncaught." And, at least for now, the 67-year-old Boone is a bit of both. He spent more than a decade in federal prison after being convicted in the late 1980s of taking part in what federal prosecutors called the "largest domestic marijuana syndicate in American history," a string of 29 farms in Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Nebraska, Missouri, Kansas and Wisconsin.


High school students asked to invest in medical marijuana dispensary

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DENVER- Parents at two local high schools were notified about a possible Ponzi scheme targeting students.

The students involved were told they were investing money into a medical marijuana dispensary in Denver.An email to parents Monday night aleterd them about a police investigation involving students at Regis and Cherry Creek High schools.

The Denver Police Department is asking anyone who invested money in the scam or know anyone who did to call them.




William Kurtz's Wheelchair Doesn't Save Him From Marijuana Manufacturing Conviction

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Considering that symptoms ranging from trouble sleeping to slight appetite loss can be grounds for obtaining a medical marijuana prescription in Washington, William Kurtz's hereditary spastic paraplegia that left him wheelchair-bound should have been a shoe in for a weed 'script. Unfortunately, Kurtz forgot to actually get the prescription before he got caught with 42 pot plants in his house.

The Olympian reports Thursday that despite a spirited fight by Kurtz's lawyers to prove that the crippled man needed the pot for his medical condition, Thurston County Superior Court Judge Carol Murphy wasn't having it. She prevented the defense from presenting evidence like a doctor's note that said his condition was indeed pot worthy, because it wasn't obtained until after he got popped for the plants back in March.

She fined the 58-year-old Olympia man $4,000 and sentenced him to 20 days of home confinement.

Prosecutors had no evidence that Kurtz was growing the weed for anything other than smoking it himself. And Washington state law allows prescriptions to be written for conditions including "multiple sclerosis and other spasticity disorders."

Still, even if he had the prescription, the law also says that patients can only have up to 15 plants at a time, unless they can prove they need more. 

Kurtz's lawyers appear to be confident that their "he could have had a license, he just never got around to it" defense will exonerate him upon appeal.

No word if they'll let Kurtz avoid paying them their legal fees until after he wins as well.




Teen Girls Hospitalized After Marijuana Brownie Binge

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Two scofflaw teens were busted for selling cupcakes and other baked goods in a public park without a license earlier this month. The latest incident kicked the criminality up a notch; a 16 year old was arrested last week for selling marijuana brownies to two 13 year old girls who ended up in the hospital. Police say a suburban New York teenager has been arrested for trying out his own interpretation of the term high school. Officials at Horace Greeley High School in Chappaqua called police at 1:30 p.m. on November 16th to report that the two girls were feeling dizzy and nauseated. "It was determined that two girls ate a brownie that had been laced with marijuana," Detective Sgt. James Wilson said. "They ate it at the school, knowing there was marijuana in it, and felt sick shortly afterward."




The girls were rushed by ambulance to a Westchester Hospital, and were treated and released. The unidentified baker was charged with endangering the welfare of a child and two counts of criminal sale of marijuana. It's unclear whether the brownies were made improperly or if this was just a case of two inexperienced teens who didn't know enough to balance out their mellow with a little Four Loko.



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