Marijuana Is Harder Than Ever for Younger Teens to Find

Category: News | Posted on Wed, December, 14th 2016 by THCFinder

American voters and legislatures increasingly are allowing medical and adult recreational use of marijuana, but as home-growing spreads and retail stores open, younger teens are reporting the scarcest availability in at least 24 years.

Explanations remain theoretical for the surprising trend in the face of widespread liberalization of cannabis laws. But it appears clear that fears about children finding the drug easier to acquire have not become a national reality, at least not yet.

In 2016, 8th-grade and 10th-grade respondents to the large Monitoring the Future survey gave the lowest-ever indication that marijuana was easy to get if they wanted it, a question posed to the groups every year since 1992.

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DEA Blames Media for Making It Difficult to Arrest Pot Offenders

Category: News | Posted on Tue, December, 13th 2016 by THCFinder

Despite the fact that the DEA regards weed as a drug of negligible concern will less than five percent of law enforcement officials who participated in the agency’s annual assessment summary saying pot was a worrisome issue for them, cannabis remains illegal for all purposes under federal law.

Having admitted that marijuana is not a dangerous drug nor does it cause alarm to law enforcement or the population at large, the DEA continues to insist that an herb—which has not killed or harmed anyone—must remain a Schedule 1 drug, in the same category as heroin.

The recently released  DEA summary indeed devotes more time to pot-bashing than warnings about prescription painkillers, which killed more than 20,000 people last year and is responsible for runaway addiction rates.

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Cannabis Again Plays a Role in Latest Police Shooting

Category: News | Posted on Mon, December, 12th 2016 by THCFinder

Cannabis again plays a key role in the latest police shooting of an African American citizen to spark outrage across the country. The prosecutor for Iowa’s Linn County on Dec. 8 announced that a white police officer will not be charged in the shooting that left an unarmed black motorist paralyzed and sparked protests in Cedar Rapids, the county seat.

The Nov. 1 incident began when Cedar Rapids police officer Lucas Jones stopped motorist Jerime Mitchell over a broken tail-light. A missing tail-light is an infraction punishable by a small fine, but Jones said he detected a “strong smell of marijuana” in the car, and ordered Mitchell to get out. Mitchell reportedly struggled as Jones attempted to place him in handcuffs.

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Anchorage’s First Cannabis Retail Outlet to Scheduled to Open This Month

Category: News | Posted on Sun, December, 11th 2016 by THCFinder

Alaskan voters legalized cannabis in 2014, with the law allowing for the possession of up to an ounce of cannabis, the cultivation of up to six plants, and cannabis retail outlets. Over two years later, and there are still no cannabis outlets open in Anchorage, the state’s capital. However, that’s about to change.

Alaska Fireweed’s General Manager William Ingram has announced that they have passed their final inspection – the first to do so – and will open their doors on December 17th at “high noon“. The shop is located at 715 West 4th Avenue.

“I couldn’t be more excited to final open our doors; it’s been a grueling process”, says Ingram. According to Ingram, it’s taken over 8 months of inspections to get to this point. “I think people expected things to be further along by now, but we’re glad to be where we are”, he says.

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Stream of Offenders Freed By Prop 64 Turns Into a Flood

Category: News | Posted on Sun, December, 11th 2016 by THCFinder

California voters approved marijuana legalization exactly a month ago today. But even before a single vote was counted, law-enforcement officials in San Diego County were proactively preparing to let former marijuana “offenders” out of jail.

Long one of the country’s most marijuana-friendly states, all California adults aged 21 and up can now legally possess up to an ounce of marijuana and grow up to six plants in their homes following the landslide approval of Prop. 64 on Nov. 8. 

While retail marijuana shops won’t be in business until 2018, the new possession limits went into effect at 12:01 a.m.on Nov. 9—which was when anyone in custody for a former “crime” could petition for release.

And criminal justice officials were ready. 

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Reports: Israel Already in Talks to Export Marijuana

Category: News | Posted on Sat, December, 10th 2016 by THCFinder

Last summer, Israel’s agriculture minister made news when he said his country could begin growing enough medical marijuana to export to other countries within “two years.” Would you believe he was wrong—by being too conservative by half?

This week, Hebrew-language newspaper Yediot Ahronot reported that a collection of key government officials are set to recommend Israel start exporting medical marijuana. There are interested parties in “dozens of countries,” and, according to several other news sources, talks with potential overseas buyers have already begun.

No countries currently export marijuana in its raw form. British-based pharmaceutical company GW Pharmaceuticals produces and markets prescription drugs derived from cannabis, and various countries offer hemp and hemp-based products on the international market, but the export of THC-laden cannabis is a new frontier. In Canada, the only country where a federal government permits commercial cultivation of medical marijuana, the government is expressly opposed to an international trade in cannabis.

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