Help Stop DEA Medical Marijuana Raids For Good

Category: News | Posted on Mon, April, 29th 2013 by THCFinder
Just this last week, DEA agents raided two medical marijuana dispensaries in San Diego. The raid came one day after the owner of one of the facilities testified at a city council hearing on regulations for medical marijuana dispensaries.
Ironically, it also comes as the Obama administration announces their new drug control strategy, which they call a “21st century approach to drug policy.” To hear them tell it, we’re now focused on treatment and prevention rather than arrests and prosecutions. Of course, that’s not true, and no one knows that better than medical marijuana providers in California and elsewhere. Fortunately, there is a way to change all that.


Marijuana Repeal Considered In Colorado

Category: News | Posted on Mon, April, 29th 2013 by THCFinder
Marijuana legalization may have received more votes from Coloradans than President Obama--who carried the state--but some lawmakers are still mulling over a repeal.
As the debate over how to tax marijuana rages on, sister station KCNC reports that a draft bill floating around the Capitol proposes repealing recreational marijuana if voters don't approve a 15 percent excise tax on retail pot and a 15 percent marijuana sales tax.
The proposal infuriated marijuana activists, who accused lawmakers of using trying to find ways to get around pot legalization.
Some lawmakers argue that the purpose of legalizing marijuana was to bring more revenue into the state, particularly for education, and that if it's not accomplishing that it shouldn't be legal.
Supporters of marijuana legalization may not need to worry--some lawmakers told KCNC that they didn't believe the state would overturn something so popular with voters.
“That’s almost like saying to voters, ‘Vote for this, or else,’” Sen. Cheri Jahn, D-Wheat Ridge, said about the draft bill. “I don’t think you threaten voters like that. When over 55 percent of the people vote for something, I think we have to respect that.”
Marijuana repeal debate could dominate the Legislature’s closing days. The path to repeal would be uncertain, but some lawmakers say it’s only fair to ask again if voters are willing to legalize pot and risk federal intervention in exchange for a tax windfall projected to exceed $100 million a year.
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Medical marijuana activists' children taken from home and put in foster care

Category: News | Posted on Mon, April, 29th 2013 by THCFinder
The parents of two young boys who have dedicated their lives to legalising medical marijuana are struggling this week to cope with the heartbreaking reality that police have taken away their sons and placed them in foster care.  
Josh and Lindsey Rinehart from Boise, Idaho, returned home from a trip with fellow activist Sarah Caldwell last week to find that their two children and Ms Caldwell's two sons had been removed from the babysitter's care while they were out.  
According to a police search warrant, the Rineharts are being investigated for 'possible charges of trafficking, possession and injury to a child', accusations they insist are unsubstantiated.
'They say their goal is to return our children to our home once it is deemed safe,' Lindsay Rinehart told 'They say our children will be in foster care for 30 days.'
Teary: Mrs Rinehart takes marijuana for her Multiple Sclerosis to avoid the 'toxic' medication prescribed by doctors but says she'll stop if it means getting her boys back.
Mrs Rinehart, a publicly recognised member of the medical marijuana advocacy group 'Compassionate Idaho', went on to defend herself and her husband against the charges, saying: 'We were not dealing. We were not buying. We were not selling. We were not growing.' 
In fact, a long-time sufferer of Multiple Sclerosis, Mrs Rinehart takes the drug to avoid 'toxic medication' that would otherwise be administered to help with the disease.


Advocates eye legalizing marijuana in Alaska

Category: News | Posted on Sun, April, 28th 2013 by THCFinder
JUNEAU — Alaska, known for its live-and-let-live lifestyle, is poised to become the next battleground in the push to legalize the recreational use of marijuana.
The state has a complicated history with the drug, with its highest court ruling nearly 40 years ago that adults have a constitutional right to possess and smoke marijuana for personal use in their own homes. In the late 1990s, Alaska became one of the first states to allow the use of pot for medicinal reasons.
Then the pendulum swung the other direction, with residents in 2004 rejecting a ballot effort to legalize recreational marijuana. And in 2006, the state passed a law criminalizing possession of even small amounts of the drug — leaving the current state of affairs somewhat murky.
Supporters of recreational marijuana say attitudes toward pot have softened in the past decade, and they believe they have a real shot at success in Alaska.


Michigan Senate Robs Marijuana Fund To Pay Police

Category: News | Posted on Sat, April, 27th 2013 by THCFinder
Hidden within the Senate version of the Fiscal Year 2014 proposed budget is a section that will allow Michigan’s medical marihuana fund to be used to pay for county-level law enforcement agencies to hunt down the very people that paid into the fund.
The allocation is officially known as Section 728 of the budget proposal contained within Senate Bill 190. It provides for an allocation of up to $3 million earmarked “for discretionary grants to county law enforcement departments for education about and enforcement of the Michigan medical marihuana program”. The medical marihuana program (MMP) is administered by the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA), who refuses to release information on the amount of money in this fund without a Freedom of Information Act filing.
Section 728 was not included in the first version of SB 190 and the House version of the appropriations bill contains no similar language. According to the Senate Fiscal Agency, this section was inserted by Sen. Jansen, the bill’s sponsor, purportedly at the request of LARA’s administration. SB 190 has been passed out of the Appropriations Committee and now faces a vote of the full Senate on April 25. Both the House and Senate versions of the Appropriations Bill will be reconciled in Conference Committee, where sections can be debated and removed.


Police dogs in Washington no longer trained to sniff out marijuana

Category: News | Posted on Fri, April, 26th 2013 by THCFinder
BREMERTON, Wash. — Bremerton Police Officer Dahle "Duke" Roessel and his new dog partner, Dusty, combed the rooms of a West Bremerton hotel during a practice session Tuesday. Dusty, an 18-month-old black Lab, sniffed around for meth, heroin and cocaine that had been planted there. But not pot.
The Bremerton Police Department, following in the footsteps of many law enforcement agencies around the state, is not training its newest officer how to sniff out marijuana. Months after voters approved an initiative legalizing possession of small amounts of marijuana, Dusty is the first narcotics dog in Kitsap with the distinction.
Dusty was bred at North Bend Retriever Kennel to be a champion birding dog. He was a bit too restless for that job, but his insatiable drive to look for things made him "perfect for what we need," Roessel said.



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