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Jilly Bean Cannabis strain review with pics

Category: Nugs | Posted on Tue, February, 26th 2013 by THCFinder


Jilly Bean - Hybrid

Like the name implies, this is a sweet, fruit flavored bud that tastes like a mix of jellybeans and pineapple. The Jilly bean strain is a mostly indica variety of orange velvet crossed with space queen. Jilly bean has a dark forest green color with some red hairs and lots of sticky resin. The high from this strain is mellow, giddy, and friendly. It%u2019s good for daytime use and can be used to treat depression and chronic pain.

Strain Name: Jilly Bean
Date Acquired: January 6, 2012
Grade: A+
Type: Hybrid
Looks: Marijuana nuggets so "dusted" giving a lime green appearance with very noticeable orange/rust color "hair."
Smell: Like a bowl of assorted sugary sweet Jelly Belly's. Very candy-like and fruity, very sweet with a lingering funk.
Taste: Hints of citrus but, what always comes to mind for me is a "flat" fruit flavored carbonated beverage (i.e. Orange, Grape Crush soda). 
Buzz Type: Very uplifting and slightly energetic with relaxation qualities.
Buzz Length: Above Average to Very Long (1.5 to 2+ hours)
* Around last summer, I first heard of the Jilly Bean strain via Internet chatter. So, when I saw this strain on my collective's menu, I immediately send over a message to hold me some. I just had to see what this strain is all about and I am glad I did.
The first feature of this strain to catch my attention is its smell. Jilly Bean smells delicious. Smelling this strain, I can imagine myself walking inside the actual Jelly Belly factory in Fairfield, California (near where I used to reside). Sweet sugary tangerine and orange rind scents I pick up immediately. Very fruity and candy-like, but if leave the container open and this sweet scent does linger into a dankness of funk. Personally, I love the smell of this strain. 
The Jilly Bean nuggets I received were just coated in trichomes. The ever twisting "orange/rust" colored hair gives the appearance these marijuana nuggets are tired up in rope. A little spicy and peppery on the inhale, I did cough a few times with this strain with larger than "normal" bonghits. After being hit with all these great senses, I will say I was a little disappointed in the taste. Was hoping the taste would match its scent and appearance, but the it was not as flavorful as expected when first hit with a scent that may make you want to eat vs. smoke this strain. More of a "flat" taste, it is still palatable and excellent, but the smell does give a first timer the expectation of something much more "tasty."
Jilly Bean provided me with a nice uplifting buzz, but that was also very "chill." The Sativa qualities of this strain did not have me bouncing off the walls or my mind racing. I was actually very relaxed with this strain with some good solid focus. Thus, Jilly Bean became my "go to" daytime strain when on hand. I enjoyed medicating with this strain most right after my morning gym workouts. It got me relaxed, focused, and eased some pain where I was very functional and very efficient on the job. A nice balance of medicine for a Hybrid strain that was also nice for relaxing during the evening when I did not have the desire to get "hit" heavy with harder Indica OG strains.
Jilly Bean also had some good "legs!" I using this strain right after I cycled off with concentrates, a typical bowl would run 1.5 hours. If a day (or two) passed with no concentrate use, Jilly Bean consistently hit around the 2 hour mark with many times surpassing that. 
Overall for me, Jilly Bean is top choice for a daytime strain to medicate with! This is one marijuana strain I would refill with again. A solid A+ strain despite feeling tricked on taste.
Cheers (& Cough),
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