Super Lemon Haze strain review

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Super Lemon Haze - Hybrid

The Super Lemon Haze is a superstar. This strain swept first prize in Amsterdams Cannabis Cup for two consecutive years (2008 and 2009), also taking second in the Sativa Cup in 2009. The popularity of this strain stands on the shoulders of its predecessors. The father, Super Silver Haze, was already famous, taking high accolades and multiple prizes throughout the late 1990s. However, not all children of the famous go on to earn fame in their own right. It takes the right combination, and in this case, that combination involves a Lemon Skunk mother, a selection from a Citral x Skunk cross.

Strain Name: Super Lemon Haze
From: Green Closet Delivery
Grade: B+/A-
Type: Sativa
Looks: Very fluffy and loose nugs with lots of "orange/red string."
Smell: Like someone tried to covered up their smelly funk with lemon scented deodorant. Very funky and lemony.
Taste: Definitely no funk on the taste, but all lemon. A nice "clean" lemon taste. Very tasty, but can end with some dry mouth.
Buzz Type: Very cerebral. Provided me with a clear head with rest of body in soothing tingle. There were some periods with stronger headiness with a few sporadic "tingle surges."
Buzz Length: Average to Above Average (1 hour to 1.5 hours)
* Super Lemon Haze is a seed grown Sativa strain by Green Closet. Although not the best looking buds (which makes them "mids"), the buzz factor and taste were on par of being top shelf. When considering the primary factors of "Looks, Smell, and Taste" the grower hit 2/3 marks. Also, at $40 for 4 grams (normal donation is $45/e), this is very good seed grown bud at a compassionate price. 
This strain was super tasty! A fresh mound of a scissored up Super Lemon Haze smelled quite good and very lemony, like Pledge - not as funky as compared when the nug was "whole."
Smoke on the exhale lingered and had a very similar funky, lemony profile as if I put the nug up to my nose. I definitely had to be careful for those rare moments when I took a bong hit in my kitchen (such as when filming the video for this) because the smell would linger quite long which was putting me at risk of being in "trouble" with my family.
A SOLID mid-shelf grow at a great price and I just respect that fact that where clones are the trend due to their ease, Green Closet is really taking the time to master their growing skills with a focus on seeds. If price is an issue, this grow of Super Lemon Haze will provide the most buzz for the buck.
Vape Notes:
Super Lemon Haze is choice strain for the Vape. You can smell the lemon tree BEFORE sealing the top as you fill it with your "grindings." Taste is like a sweet glass of lemonade. Taste great, but "buzz" was less "filling" when using the Vape.
Grower Notes:
Cheers (& Cough),
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Lemon Skunk Cannabis

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G13 strain review and pics

Category: Nugs | Posted on Mon, March, 11th 2013 by THCFinder


G13 - Hybrid

It is widely believed and accepted that the famous G13 cannabis originated from the United States government (DEA, FBI, CIA), who allegedly ran a cannabis research institute in rural Mississippi in the 1960's and 70's. Reports were made that a "rebel" government worker stole a clone of a pure Afghani strain of cannabis and distributed it to various connections around the United States. This is mostly untrue however. What is known is that a man who went by the name of Sandy Weinstein had a connection at the government funded cannabis research facility conducted at the University of Mississippi. When a man by the name of Neville Schoenmakers one way or another convinced Mr. Weinstein to persuade his friend at the lab to obtain a strain of prime cannabis. It is said that there was a batch of pure Indica Afghani strains of marijuana. These strains were labeled G1 all the way to G23. The G13 strain that was obtained, cloned and distributed by Schoenmakers is said to have been of much higher quality than any of the other Afghanis.

Strain Name: G13 (aka: Government Marijuana)
Grade: A-/A
Type: Hybrid
Looks: My (e) was basically two really fat dense and well cured nugs coated in trichs with a forest green color. I could detect a bit "purple" hue under the macro, but not as noticeable with the eye given the trich coverage. I love seeing big fat dense nugs like this that allow me to scissors "forever." 
Smell: Very earthy with hints of grape and fermenting fruit.
Taste: Produces thick dense smoke; actually more like a "pure smoke" with the very slightest hint of a fruity exhale leaving a "sweet" and "sticky" mouth feel after taste for me.
Buzz Type: A heavy tingly full body buzz combined with some serious head "pressure." Slightly psychedelic for me too.
Buzz Length: Average to Above Average (1 hour to 1.5 hours)
* On this refill, I had no idea that I would come across a batch of G13. Just for the historical significance of the G13 strain (this strain is grown by our great United States government), I had to get my hands on a full eighth. 
G13 was one of the weirdest strains I have medicated with. I really enjoyed the somewhat "loopy" buzz this strain provided. The "buzz" was balanced head to toe with body tingle with some head pressure. I was able to hold a coherent live conversation, but felt drunk when walking. The majority of time I really felt like I was walking sideways. It felt like my body was at an angle like the Leaning Tower of Pisa. A quite trippy "buzz," but I was focused and very creative. 
G13 really did guide me to reach deep in the creativity bucket. Some features on the newest version of my site were implemented on the fly while I was medicated with this strain. It's definitely not the medicinal qualities that stops this strain from being a real solid A/A+, but it's the legs. I found that I had to re-load quite often with any peak being around 1.5 hours. This was after I had what I consider a "Mini-T" break where I was in a situation where I could not medicate for 3 days. I was really hoping to notice longer "legs" after this mini-break, but it was not there although I did feel a stronger buzz intensity.
Definitely worth a try just for the name alone! I've always heard about our Unites States Government and their G13 Marijuana. I am quite glad I got to try it for myself and if you every see this strain where you are, you would be too!
Vape Notes:
I vaped this strain mostly for taste only since I was near my last nug before I realized I have not vaped this strain yet. But, the taste was great. Left a "cooling" and almost "minty/fruity" like after taste. It very much reminds of new fruity/mint chewing gums out there today such as 5 and Orbit. If you prefer the Vape, G13 will do you quite right. I definitely felt had more "control" over the buzz vaping vs. using my bong.
Cheers (& Cough),
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Purple Bubba

Category: Nugs | Posted on Sun, March, 10th 2013 by THCFinder

Purple Bubba - Indica

Find Purple Bubba at Hot Spot Collective in Los Angeles, CA

The genetics of this strain are Purple Bubba x OG. Purple marijuana varieties are known to possess pain relieving qualities and may reduce feelings of anxiety.


Presidential OG strain reviews and pictures

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Presidential OG - Hybrid


Strain Name: Presidential O.G.
Grade: A++
Type: Indica
Looks: Some nugs were quite dense and tight while others were tight but, with a "fluffy" look to them. All were medium to small sized, heavily triched with a deep green color palate with ample and noticeable orange/rust color "hair."
Smell: Minty lemon tea so pungent strong sniffs cleared up my nostrils as if I used a Vicks "nose stick" vapor inhaler.
Taste: Smooth and earthy/piney with a bit of lemony "highlights."
Buzz Type: A smooth, heavy, progressive full body high. Excellent pain relief with moments of cerebral pressure intensity causing a sense of "melting" and relaxation.
Buzz Length: Long to Very Long (2+ hours)
* The very, very first strain I medicate the night I return with my first batch of meds from a newly joined collective and no joke... call 911 because this is FIRE! 
Still in slight therapy for my injury, I was nagged with a sharp, stabbing like internal shoulder pain and this batch Presidential OG got right at my intense deep shoulder pain with 10 minutes of putting the bong down! This strain has some serious pharmaceutical pain relieving qualities. This was like taking Vicodin or taking acetaminophen (which now may be linked to cancer if using high amounts).
After a few sessions, I was actually able to control the "intensity" with this strain. One bowl would nicely bring me down just past the two hour mark in a relaxing and easing manner without much of a couch lock effect. This was great for winding down the evening and catching some television while actually being engaged vs. dosing off and waking up hours later. But, if I just need that straight knock out power, increase by a bowl more I was taken there with longer legs on a more euphoric run ending in a "soft couch" lock which transforms into some serious undisturbed sleep. In other words, I'd catch myself dosing off and I am left with just enough energy to prepare myself for sleep. But, if I missed that window, the end result was always some kind of embarrassment. On one occasion, I literally went couch lock for 2.5 hours with floss still in my teeth. If I started 5-10 minutes earlier I would have made it to bed.
Overall, this was a very "smooth" high and enjoyable ride hitting on all my ailments!
Just straight up FIRE! Presidential OG hits on all cylinders. I found it perfect for extreme pain relief and obviously; insomnia. If you are more on they hyperactive side, this WILL shut you down.
Vape Notes:
Unfortunately, this strain so "fire" it's one that won't make it to the vape...
Cheers (& Cough),
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Got Bud?

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