Vote No On California Senate Bill 289 To Protect Marijuana Consumers From DUI

Category: Politics | Posted on Tue, April, 16th 2013 by THCFinder

At any given time, I have enough THC in my system to fail a drug test of any kind, whether I am under the influence or not. This means that if California Senate Bill 289 becomes law, I am at risk of getting a DUI while driving through California, regardless of if I am under the influence or not.


The California legislature is trying to pass a “Drugged Driving Law” making it illegal to drive with any detectable THC. This is unacceptable. Below is a public service announcement about this unscientific piece of legislation:


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DEA pretends not to be involved in U.S. marijuana enforcement

Category: Politics | Posted on Fri, April, 12th 2013 by THCFinder
I found this mildly interesting. DEA director Michele Leonhart is testifying before Congress today on the DEA budget. I took a look at her prepared remarks, and was struck by the lack of any reference to what is going on in the United States regarding cannabis.
There were three references to marijuana in her speech: a reference to the various kinds of drugs seized in Mexico; a reference to non-medical prescription drug use being second only to marijuana; and a reference to synthetic cannabinoids.
Nothing about medical marijuana. Nothing about marijuana legalization efforts. Nothing about Colorado or Washington. Absolute silence.
Wonder how much of this is about the White House still not wanting to discuss legalization, and how much from the DEA recognizing that to discuss domestic marijuana today is akin to opening the discussion about the future relevance of the DEA.


UN official urges US to fight new marijuana laws

Category: Politics | Posted on Thu, March, 14th 2013 by THCFinder
VIENNA — The head of the U.N. drug watchdog agency is urging U.S. federal officials to challenge the decriminalization of possessing small amounts of marijuana for adults 21 and over in Washington and Colorado.
While marijuana remains illegal under federal law, both states legalized possession of up to an ounce in November and are setting up rules to govern growers, processors and retailers.
Raymond Yans of the Vienna-based International Narcotics Control Board said in a statement Thursday that Washington is obliged to ensure nationwide implementation of a drug convention "to which the United States is party" and which bans recreational marijuana use.
The INCB has no enforcement ability.
U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder said last week the Justice Department has not yet decided whether to sue to block the measures.


Justice Department poised to respond to states that have legalized marijuana

Category: Politics | Posted on Thu, February, 28th 2013 by THCFinder
Colorado and Washington state legalized the recreational use of marijuana in 2012, and Hickenlooper was concerned about how the federal government planned to respond. The new laws set the stage for what could be a sticky conflict between the state and federal government. Although the drug is now legal under state law, it is still banned under the federal Controlled Substances Act, Holder's Department of Justice is tasked to enforce. The states are still waiting for an answer from the feds, and Hickenlooper's inauguration chat with Holder was just one of many conversations in an ongoing discussion between the DOJ and state government officials.
Recalling the meeting, Hickenlooper said that Holder expressed that he was open to re-examining how the federal government deals with marijuana use in states that have legalized it, and was considering a variety of actions, including prioritizing enforcement, overhauling the department's rules and even pushing for a change in the law through Congress.
"They're open to all that," Hickenlooper told Yahoo News during a visit to Washington, D.C., last weekend. "He's been very candid in the sense that we've got to work on this together."


Patrick Kennedy on marijuana: 'Destroys the brain and expedites psychosis'

Category: Politics | Posted on Wed, January, 9th 2013 by THCFinder
For a generation of liberals, legalization of marijuana has become a harmless — if not inevitable — issue.
Not for Patrick Kennedy. The former Rhode Island congressman and scion of the famed Democratic dynasty has taken a surprising turn to the right in this debate.
“Marijuana destroys the brain and expedites psychosis,” he told us Tuesday. “It’s just overall a very dangerous drug.”
Kennedy’s public battles with alcohol and prescription drugs are well known. Was pot an issue for him? He’s used it but wouldn’t elaborate. Still, it’s all part of the same conversation for him: “In terms of neurobiology, there’s no distinction between the quality and types of drugs that people get addicted to. That’s why they call it a gateway drug. Addiction is addiction is addiction.”
Supporters attending an Amendment 64 watch party last November celebrate after the marijuana amendment's passage, which made it legal in Colorado for individuals to possess marijuana for recreational use. (Brennan Linsley/AP) After 16 years in Congress, Kennedy, 45, left Washington two years ago and began traveling the country to see how legislation he spearheaded on mental health is being implemented. He’s become convinced that marijuana (“the biggest single threat to the cause I care so much about”) is as destructive as alcohol and tobacco and just launched Project SAM (Smart Approaches to Marijuana) to shift the debate from legalization to prevention and treatment — despite what appears to be a growing social acceptance of the drug.
A passionate Kennedy cited his years researching mental health issues in Congress, consulting with experts in the field and his own experiences in rehab.


In Colorado, Marijuana Candidate Gary Johnson Aims To Be Obama's Nader

Category: Politics | Posted on Mon, November, 5th 2012 by THCFinder
During his two terms as New Mexico governor, Gary Johnson was best known for two things: vetoing nearly half of the bills that reached his desk and advocating for marijuana legalization.
Now, as the Libertarian candidate for president and man of the hour for bereft, Johnson is angling to become forever known as the Ralph Nader of 2012 -- the third-party spoiler who ruined Al Gore's chance at the White House. 
Republicans have to date appeared most fearful of Johnson: GOP operatives sued to keep him off of the ballot in some states, and the media's run with the risk-to-Romney storyline. But in swing state Colorado, Johnson's campaign is running robocalls that call out President Barack Obama for allowing his Justice Department to shut down state-legal cannabis dispensaries. This is a move aimed at liberals and the youth, both of who will vote on a marijuana legalization measure Tuesday.
Johnson's been on point across the country, in speeches and in interviews, claiming a vote for Obama or Romney is a wasted vote. More liberal than Obama on civil liberties and more conservative than Romney on the budget, Johnson doesn't care who wins tomorrow. Either way, the American public will know how similar the two mainstream parties are, he says.
This narrative hits medical marijuana supporters hard. After all, it was Obama who promised on the campaign trail that he'd respect states' rights on medical marijuana -- a promised echoed by Attorney General Eric Holder until federal prosecutors started shutting down countless cannabis dispensaries in California, Colorado, Montana, Michigan, and elsewhere.



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