"All Illegal Drugs Are Bad," Mmkay?

Category: Politics | Posted on Fri, June, 22nd 2012 by THCFinder

The head of the Drug Enforcement Administration - Michele Leonhart – recently testified before Congress and in an exchange with Democratic Congressman Jared Polis (CO), her discomfort and inability not to seem like an idiot are evident.


She is desperate not to have to admit that things like meth and heroin are worse for your health than marijuana – one has to wonder whether she is even allowed to say that and keep her job – and she resorts to incoherent babbling and repetition.


As you watch her abysmal performance, keep in mind she has tremendous power, especially over medical marijuana. And since she’s obviously not stupid, that means she’s just flat out lying and spreading propaganda. Deceitful people are much more dangerous than stupid ones.


Michele Leonhart knows full well what her actions cause, and she proceeds anyway. She knows she looked like an idiot in front of Congress, but wants to keep her lucrative job. She knows what side her “bread is buttered on” as the old saying goes.


Without marijuana prohibition the DEA budget will take a huge hit, as her salary might as well. Some of her buddies might lose their jobs. Or even worse for her, her bosses could decide that without a war on marijuana users, the DEA is no longer needed.




Meghan McCain and the Weed Generation Gap

Category: Politics | Posted on Wed, June, 20th 2012 by THCFinder

This video comes from The Young Turks and contains a couple interesting things. First, of course, is Meghan McCain and her views on marijuana, so divergent from many in her Party.


But the discussion that ensues about just how “open” is marijuana use in California is great as well. While the younger people tend to see it a lot, the older host says he sees very little “open” use. Every younger generation has a certain distrust of the one that came before it, which might account for more “hidden” use around older people.


And since use tends to be more prevalent among younger people, every poll reflects that legalization support is highest among younger age demographics. Regular users and those who don’t use but have internet access both know how safe marijuana is, especially compared to other recreational and medical substances.


Those under 30 were raised with much less propaganda about cannabis than their parents. This coincides with the incredible power of the internet, where everyone has information at their fingertips.


Older generations like to pretend they haven’t been lied to, but their children know differently. Lies never last long, and the light of truth always burns through.




Marijuana Legalization Supporter Beat 8-Time Incumbent in Congressional Primary

Category: Politics | Posted on Thu, May, 31st 2012 by THCFinder

A Texas congressional candidate who favors marijuana legalization beat eight-term incumbent El Paso Rep. Silvestre Reyes Tuesday in the Democratic primary for the congressional district closest to Mexico's Ciudad Juarez, one of the most violent cities in the world.


Beto O’Rourke unseated Reyes in what is a heavily Democratic district, meaning O’Rourke has a good shot at winning in the general election.


Even after Reyes ran an ad attacking O’Rourke for his stance on drugs, he still lost his seat. Or did he lose his seat because of O’Rourke’s stance and the incredible violence the voters in south Texas hear about every day?


The bottom line is we have tried it Silvestre Reyes’ way and it has been a violent, unmitigated disaster. Violence from Mexico is spilling over the border and people are scared. They see the failure of The War on Drugs. They want to try a new way.


Unfortunately O’Rourke says that while he favors marijuana legalization he wouldn’t push for it in Congress. But in theory his election would mean one more vote for any bills that deal with marijuana law reform.


It’s time we start making politicians pay for their positions at the ballot box.





"I am not a fan in general of the idea of legalization of marijuana" - NJ Governor Chris Christie

Category: Politics | Posted on Fri, May, 25th 2012 by THCFinder

As a decriminalization bill makes its way through the New Jersey state legislature, Governor Chris Christie has said he opposes the legalization of cannabis. “"I am not a fan in general of the idea of legalization of marijuana," he said. But he also tried to sound neutral about the decriminalization bill.


"I'll have to see what the bill looks like if it gets to me," he said at a press conference. "I won't prejudge it."


Governor Christie’s position isn’t surprising since he has hopes of higher political office and doesn’t want to alienate his conservative base. But decriminalization and legalization are becoming increasingly popular, as evidenced by a series of recent polls. There will come a time when marijuana prohibition has no “base.”


Under the decriminalization bill, up to 15 grams of marijuana possession wouldn’t involve jail time, just a fine. The bill has 15 Democrat and 3 Republican sponsors in the legislature and cleared the Assembly Judiciary Committee earlier this week.


An assembly vote on the bill was delayed so that a provision that directed a portion of the fines to drug education programs could be added.


One of the decriminalization bill’s sponsors - Assemblyman Reed Gusciora (D) - said, "I am confident that with these amendments we will have a model decriminalization bill that realistically addresses persons charged with possession of marijuana. Unfortunately under current penalties, the punishment does not fit the crime."


Another provision that requires a judge to order a drug evaluation for three-time offenders may seem silly to some, but such are the compromises that are made on a political level to keep progress going.


Of course time will tell whether the bill will make it out of the legislature and to the Governor’s desk. Then it will be up to Chris Christie to decide.




Libertarian Party Presidential Nominee Gary Johnson on Marijuana Policy

Category: Politics | Posted on Mon, May, 21st 2012 by THCFinder

While the mainstream media will be focused on President Obama and Mitt Romney during this Presidential race, it is up to independent media to keep marijuana law reform in the public eye.


The best way to do that will be to tell people about former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, who is the Libertarian Party nominee for President this year.


In the video below he explains his position on marijuana law reform and how it will lead to full drug policy reform, incredible savings of law enforcement resources and jail space.


Marijuana law reform will also lead to an increase of freedom. That’s something that can be measured in arrest statistics to a certain degree, but what can’t be measured is the fear people live under for being labeled criminals when they are clearly doing nothing wrong.


People should be scared of committing real crimes, those that infringe on the rights of another. Police should be worried real criminals, not whether someone has a baggie of marijuana on them.


While Gary Johnson has little chance of winning the Presidency, he can do a lot to raise awareness about marijuana law reform. For that reason alone his candidacy is worthwhile.




Medical Marijuana IS an Important Issue Mitt Romney

Category: Politics | Posted on Fri, May, 11th 2012 by THCFinder

It’s no surprise to many that Mitt Romney comes across as seeming a bit out of touch. He’s never really had to suffer in a financial sense and seems totally unaware of how most people live their lives.


So the way he acts in response to a reporter’s question in the video below isn’t much of a surprise, even if it is maddening and makes you want to smack him in the head. He is condescending, dismissive and shows a complete lack of knowledge of this issue of medical marijuana. It’s an issue that’s not important to him but affects millions of people in this country every day.


After the interview was over he did say he thought medical marijuana was a state issue, an interesting admission but one that would never translate into political action if he were President.


Sadly no hope is forthcoming from the federal government on the issue of medicinal marijuana. The only hope patients have is in how much backbone their respective states will have when it comes to resisting federal pressure.


But in the end the feds have the agents and the guns so not much resistance can be put up in the face of raids and aggression.





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