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Mr. Nice Guy Delivery
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Poopyfist (1 reviews) on February 18 2012

Good meds, good people, terribly run business.

Good prices, nice people, but they're extremely disorganized.

For example, I placed an order at two o'clock. I'm told by the friendly fellow on the phone that it will take 45 minutes to arrive. 3 hours later when I call them to ask where my meds are I'm told that I live too far away (which is odd b/c I've ordered from them before) then I'm told they'll have another driver later tonight who can make it to my place. They're nice about it and promise to hook me up for all the trouble.

10 o'clock rolls around and I have to call them again. Same nice guy tells me in a timid voice they're gonna have to make the delivery tomorrow. I ask him why he couldn't call me to let me know that, why leave me waiting like that? Why am I the one who has to keep calling to find out what's going on?

Just feel like I've been treated poorly.

I honestly can't tell if these guys are really so inept, or if they just don't want me as a customer. Guess I'll find out tomorrow if their driver ever shows up.

Just a heads up, these guys have poor communication, the business seems to be going downhill. It occurs to me that if I hadn't kept calling, they would have been content to lose out on my business. I mean, if they wanted to keep me as a customer wouldn't they have tried calling me about my orders instead of leaving me in the dark?

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Downtown and Central LA, California 90014

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