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The Holistic Cafe
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KC710 (1 reviews, Karma: 2) on September 10 2012

Terrible Experience

One of the worst experiences that Ive ever had at a dispensary ever, and Ive been to hundreds!! Went down to this dispensary today to purchase medicine for the second time. I brought a 100% legal 100% valid rec that I have never had an issue with at all. First they didn't even greet me when I walked in after standing at the front desk staring at the receptionist for about five min she finally took my paperwork and ID. Then this ridiculous security lady walked up to me snatched my rec out of my hand and without even trying to verify my rec on a valid website she said "This is not valid, this Dr had his license revoked and we will not accept this now, you cannot come inside. Then she tried to force some other Dr on me stating if I wanted to come in I have to go see their Dr and pay him to verify me, when I have a perfectly good, valid rec. Stating the front desk made a mistake by letting me in before. After being completely embarrassed in front of at least ten people I walked away and proceeded to call my Dr. He told me that is absolutely ludicrous, outrageous and that is impossible how can they state my rec isn't valid when it is? I then walked back in and tried to pass my cellphone to the front desk asking to speak to the manager. Once again security snatched my rec and walked away leaving me standing in the front meanwhile letting patient after patient go right back when I was their before all of them. They let about 15 people go back keeping me waiting for no reason for 25-30 min with no explanation!! Security then returned stating it was their mistake "Im Good." No valid reason, no explanation and didn't even attempt to verify my paperwork even though I've been in before with no problems! I finally got in after being harassed and embarrassed for at least 30 min and they didn't even have any eighths for $45 all of them started at $50 what kind of dispensary doesn't have a $45 eighth?? Of course when I returned to my car I had a $37 ticket all because the Nazi security made a mistake. I then called the dispensary asking to speak to the manager about my affliction. After at least 5 requests I finally spoke to the G.M. who completely denied me any kind of resolution to my ticket. I have never had such and unprofessional, unorganized, ridiculous experience at a dispensary in my entire life out of the several hundred that I've been too in two states. VERY DISAPPOINTED customer right here!!! Thx holistic cafe for giving me a $37 ticket and waisting my day because your security is CLUELESS!!! Ill be sure to spread the word... All you people who have a life and don't have hours to waste for no reason.. Find another dispensary.

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415 University Ave, San Diego, California 92103

None: Mon-Thurs, Sat 9am-9pm; Fri 9am-10pm; Sun 9am-6pm

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