Peace in Medicine

Peace in Medicine

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greggie (10 reviews, Karma: 3) on September 16 2010

Truly Heaven on Earth!

I went to visit an old highschool friend over there and after a few days he took me to this place. I'll resume everything in a phrase: GREAT staff(they check your papers but they let you buy even if you don't have anything with you and they're very funny), 100% quality (they even had some imported nether-dope for a loyal customer of theirs and gave me some to try!), everything is neat and tidy and the prices aren't that high -you can get chillin' with under 50 bucks-!

Med Quality
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The Pro's: This place has some great med's and clean looking clone area- I was there only once, and served up by a knowledgeable guy behind the counter ( Jack H and Pink lemonade) 50 or 55 an 1/8 (enghh.. price a lil high inmo) but killer either way. The Cons: Security, Security, Security, (maybe a county thing, as I've been to a larger club near by as well which was worse[on the lynch-man tip] ) but like....... "I think after you've passed 2-3 people with "black ops style walkie talkies and go put your cell phone back in the car {I also would of had to bring the whole family into their waiting room. WTF !!!! but my car is blacked out anyway so wife and kids wait incognito} I just said to myself leaving... with all that going on I think.. "THEY OWE ME SOME SMOKE " *****But I will say Killer Buds though just a little too much (rig a marue ) for me.

6771 Sebastopol Ave
Sebastopol, California 95472

None: 10:30am-7pm Mon-Sat, 12pm-7pm Sun

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