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Care-giving Network of Michigan

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Care-giving Network of Michigan
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Deliveryexpress (2 reviews, Karma: 2) on January 3 2012

First of all, when you called me, you would call me and tell me you needed something right away, and when I am in Milford or Novi, and you are way out past Rochester, it was a little difficult to get there in 45 minutes in the middle of rush hour. However I did in fact make it out there for you many times regardless the situation. You called me 2 times with more than an hours notice, and I told you that I would TRY to get to you because of how far out you are. You never wanted to pay for the best meds, so you got what you wanted to pay for. Thats how the world works I'm afraid. You don't get a Lexus when you go into a Ford dealer. Sorry!! Eventually I just got tired of taking your calls, so I added you to the NO ANSWER list. I did however call YOU a few weeks later when things were slow for us, but you were rude and disrespectful. With so many quality patients out there, I refuse to deal with the crazies anymore.

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Reviewed by:
ali2011 (1 reviews) on November 16 2011

what a joke

First of all, you'll be lucky to get a response or a call back, and if you miraculously get one, and schedule anything, they don't show. And then give you any and every excuse on why they didn't.~ weeks later. I even tried again, thinking business practices and policies could have gotten better, but was sadly dissapointed. Overall, unreliable, unresponsive, and when so, not A grade at all!

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Lake Orion/Oxford, Michigan 48359

We currently grow more than 15 strains of the most popular and most potant medication available.\r\n\r\nOG Kush\r\nMazar Kush\r\nBlue Lemon Thai\r\nBlue Dream\r\nBC Blueberry\r\nSensi Star\r\nSuper Lemon Haze\r\nDeath Star\r\nLemon Skunk\r\nPineapple Skunk\r\nPineapple Chunk\r\nGreen Love Potion\r\nGrape God\r\nG13 Haze\r\nPurple Haze \r\n\r\nand more....\r\n\r\nwe also provide:\r\n\r\nHash\r\nCooking Butter\r\nAssortment of Edibles\r\n\r\n
ALL new patients MUST assign someone from our network as their primary caregiver including the 12 plants to receive medication at $200 / oz compensation rate. Patients that wish to reserve the rights to grow their own plants, yet assign a CNM care-giver as their secondary provider, will be asked to pay $250 / oz

  • Sunday  9am - 9pm
  • Monday  10am - 9pm
  • Tuesday  10am - 9pm
  • Wednesday  10am - 9pm
  • Thursday  10am - 9pm
  • Friday  10am - 10pm
  • Saturday  9am - 10pm

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