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Reviewed by:
cyberpetal (1 reviews, Karma: 1) on October 5 2013

I love these folks!

First off, they feel bad they don't have a ramp for wheelchairs so they work out a way to get your medicine to you...very nice about it too! They have the best selection of medibles ANYWHERE and I hardly ever have to wait. The peanut butter is AMAZING :) Professional and clean they "buzz" patients in privately and are very knowledgeable. Hands down best smoke for the $!

Med Quality
Reviewed by:
jason20017805 (5 reviews, Karma: 3) on October 2 2013


ever!!! GO HERE GET DISRESPECTED! Please Read….

I went here and dropped 80$ bucks on an eight of hash and some bomb weeds, I was talking to the cool guy that is always so helpful.

We had been talking about the hawk’s game when he started telling me very firmly that he Hated the Seahawks, he emphasized the Hate ea time he said it, he said it in spurts repeatedly. I was in all my hawks gear so at the very least this was really disrespectful but when you consider that he dint stop saying it, never cracked a smile and kept repeating it you begin to understand why I felt more than just disrespect coming from this dude.

The absolute spirit of the way he said it each time was actually really hateful he wasn’t using the word loosely.

I had to calm him down, change the topic from Hate, Hate , Hate to well it was a good game trying to smile, he got less aggressive but never seemed in good humor , why are you Hating? So much bro its just a dam game, anyway since you want to be such an angry young man and disrespectful I’ll just stop coming there, you seemed rude and aggressive when you talked to me , not sporting in any way shape or form, Hate is a very strong word especially when you say it over and over and over and over , you even said it as I was leaving “yeah Man I HATE the Seahawks” Even though I had already calmed you down by switching the nature of the topic.

wtf bro I could care less which team you like but if sports and watching them causes you to feel so much “hate” you should really think about counseling or at least some thinking about your feelings of “hate” at one point as you were repeating it to me repeatedly It crossed my mind, is this guy goanna get more aggressive and try to tackle me? It was way over the top and I wondered is this guy having break down?

Thank goodness you seemed to respond when I changed your focus from the hate to the game, I felt better then, but yes for a moment I thought to myself is this guy goanna snap?

Anyway I am a calm guy as far as aggression goes so I stayed calm, got him to chill and left feeling disrespected.

Since I like the guy I called 30 min later and asked the Male owner politely to purge my info from their system, he kept asking why why why 3 times he insisted with a noticeably syndical tone, I dint want to make trouble I just dint want my info in the system anymore, but since he asked over and over I told him exactly what I experienced and how it made me feel.

Here is how that conversation went.

Ok well I was in there a bit ago and the guy aggressively kept telling me he hated the hawks, I felt it was over the top and strong language, and it made me feel uncomfortable.

He takes an immediate defensive position by stating that he was right there and heard no aggressive language.

I told him I thought the word Hate as it was being said sternly with no humor over and over again was aggressive and that’s how it made me feel but that I dint want to complain and that I had only called to have my info purged from your system.

So he starts raising his voice to me in defense of his employee who I was not calling to complain about anyway.

I even said, well I do like the guy

Then I explained , that it was such strong language and over the top that at one point I wondered if he was goanna hit me.

He gets even louder now.. Oh Oh Oh no now your overreacting if you thought that, I tried to explain that I don’t think that it just crossed my mind and I’m only telling you because you keep acting like I have absolutely no point to feel aggressed against not because I want to let you know that I thought he was goanna hit me.

No rather you keep arguing with me about how I should feel so I’m giving you more details about how it made me feel to hear No less than 18 times the word HATE said in a Hateful way, but alas you don’t understand that because you are a arguer and not a listener so now you think I’m trying to make some deal that he was goanna hit me.

Now you start getting loud about that saying how I shouldn’t feel that way and I have to say again No sir It was just a thought that I wondered while hearing the hate rant.

Again he dint seem to hear one word I was saying even though he demanded to know why I wanted my info purged. If you’re not going to listen don’t ask ok hommie.

He then went from just loud to downright rude by saying that I was playing “god”

I say really wow ok how’s that bro?

So then you say to me, by thinking you know what someone’s goanna do, like hit you, it is like you think your god and can see the future and peoples real hearts intentions,

I say Really bro? You can’t understand that it was really strong language?

Very Loudly Now, he says oh now you’re lying there was no swearing!

OMG bro you do not listen , I never said he swore I said actually the exact wording I used was “strong language”

I pointed out that’s why they have a law that determines if your crime is done out of “Hate” for any person or group you’re going to be doing hard time, because hate is serious and hence the word “hate” is very strong language.

I go on to say and since sir you want to twist my words, not listen to me, call me a liar, say I’m playing god, all while I CALMLY explain to you what YOU demanded to know about how I felt and why I wanted my info purged I can just go online and leave some helpful reviews for the nice folks of our town.

After hearing this he Yells in the phone “oh now your threatening me”

wow again Bro come down to earth, it’s called a review and yes I feel your being very rude to me right now.

Since I was calm, you weren’t and your ears couldn’t help but hear your own loosely thought out words you began to get a bit more speechless and mumble about whether or not my info can legally be purged.

Since I was done explaining myself to an arguer I simply hung up.

I was never planning on leaving any review , I was only slightly annoyed at the disrespect I got from your employee but after dealing with your arguing , twisting of words, aggressive, un informed way of conversing, It became clear that this was why I ALWAYS noticed an attitude at this place , its handed from the top down

Med Quality
Reviewed by:
onesickdude (1 reviews, Karma: 6) on July 21 2013

Staff has repeatedly been rude to me, a long haired guy and a dark skinned man treat me rudely almost every time i come in. I went in yesterday and he threw my ID and paperwork at me. The owners glare at me, and treat me like a criminal. The only person in the whole store who makes it worth going is Jordan, who is really kind and helpful. He offered to hold meds for me so i wouldn't have to go back twice in one day (they have a one visit per patient per day limit). Overall the meds are good and its close to my house, but im afraid i will NEVER EVER come here again, because i like being treated with respect, not like some loser who's just buying pot from some street dealer behind a desk.

Med Quality
Reviewed by:
MadHatter206 (4 reviews, Karma: 20) on September 26 2012

I love this place

So I had heard a couple of bad reviews about patient 2 patient so I went there to check it out for my self. Wow, this place is great, i feel very comfortable there and the budtenders are always happy, smiley, and making me feel welcome. They know alot and have helped me everytime. The only thing I am not crazy about is the stairs, especially since i saw that sum patients can not walk or are in wheelchairs. That is my only complaint about this place but the rest is golden. I will always go there and I will always love this place

Med Quality
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8004 Mukilteo Speedway
Mukilteo, Washington 98275

  • Sunday  1pm - 5pm
  • Monday  11am - 8pm
  • Tuesday  11am - 8pm
  • Wednesday  11am - 8pm
  • Thursday  11am - 8pm
  • Friday  11am - 8pm
  • Saturday  11am - 8pm

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