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Whenever one of the Jack Herer strains (in this case, J1) are used to breed, the result is always superior. This is a classic hybrid, that is useful in helping a wide variety of symptoms and ailments. The buds are dense, almost neon-green in color and infested with tri-chromes. They give off a sour, danky, and earthy scent. When smoked, this medication hits instantly and powerfully, making it a favorite among cannabis patients in Northern California.

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Reviewed by: (14 reviews, Karma: 104) on May 29, 2013

best strain to smoke during the day

Reviewed by: (49 reviews, Karma: 112) on April 26, 2013

Disclaimer: Review is based on the personal opinion of IE420Patient. Batches of the same strain can produce different results due to many factors thus, as with any "review" use as a guide, not as pure fact.

Strain Name: XJ-13

From: Private/Direct

Date Acquired: March 30, 2013

Grade: A+

Type: Hybrid (Sativa Dominant)

Looks: Nice thick lime green marijuana nuggets with areas of protruding orange "hair;" dense and also fully covered in trichomes.

Smell: Sweet candy like fruit with funk. Strong hints of lemon, citrus, and all around spiced sweetness.

Taste: Smooth hits with a sweet inhale combined with hints of grape followed by a more sour lemon like exhale.

Buzz Type: Relaxation with awareness, some increased energy.

Buzz Length: Long (2 hours)


* With the genetics of XJ-13 being Jack Herer and G13; for me, this batch had qualities more dominant of Jack Herer.

The initial buzz hit me with a sensation of head "pressure," but this quickly progressed to a more "tingly" feeling that dominated the duration of the buzz. I had a spike in energy with this strain, but with a good sense of awareness and I felt relaxed while productive too. The energy provided was just enough where I was not bouncing off the walls and feelings of stress was put at ease. I was feeling "up" and ready go after finishing a filled bubbler bowl, but after a few minutes I would come down to a more relaxing/sense of awareness state of mind.

Multiple back to back bowls can bring on a bit of euphoria while my eyes felt "low" and slightly dry. At times, I was hit some random creative and wandering thoughts which would make me lose some sense of time.

My batch of XJ-13 had some very "frosty" marijuana nuggets. The scent of this strain can linger in the immediate area where breaking up a marijuana nugget or having a bag open. Bubbler hits can be "spicy" as it would hit the back of my throat "hard" causing some slight coughs at times. I did notice while smoking XJ-13 while eating Tropical Typhoon Mike & Ike's, the taste and smell was bomb! With a mouth full of the candy, I would take a big bag whiff of this strain causing my senses to "explode."

Overall, XJ-13 is a solid Sativa strain with each bowl (or two) providing a few hours of medicinal relief. This became a nice post workout (for a Sativa, pain relief was decent) and daytime strain for me. I was able to be productive and get a lot of work done or I was able to relax and wind down after a hard day's work while watching TV or streaming music online while I surfed the web without worry of any tiredness creeping up on me. As a "go to" strain for the daytime (and work), I would consider XJ-13 again!

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