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Dawg's Waltz


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About Dawg's Waltz

DAWG’S WALTZ STRAIN INFORMATION General Information Type: Indica-dominant hybrid Genetics: Purple Urkle x Tres Dawg (Chem D x [Chem D x Afghani]) Geographic Origin: East Coast of the United States Seed Company/Clone: Limited seed release, but it’s mostly clone-only, with a few different select cuts floating around Description: Coming out of the breeding projects of a grower known as “High & Lonesome”, with the blessings of Top Dawg Seeds (the holders of Tres Dawg), this hybrid combines the legendary Purple Urkle clone with JJ-NYC’s fiercely potent Tres Dawg, which is essentially a Chem D backcross. The Urkle imparts its signature coloration and some of its aroma and flavor, but the added sharp chemical kick of the Chem D makes everything more interesting than a standard “purple” and make this variety one of the strongest-smelling strains in almost any garden. Also increased is the potency of the Urkle, making it much more sedative and hard-hitting cerebrally — this strain is best used in the evenings, as it can lead to sleep due to the deep relaxation and strong ocular effects is offers. History Story: Bred by “High & Lonesome” (aka H&L), this strain is fairly new (circa 2009) and though it originated on the East Coast, it is quickly gaining a reputation for its potency and incredible smell through the medical marijuana dispensaries of Colorado and California. The strain is named after a David Grisman song of the same name. The so-called “Poodle Nuts” cut is the most prized and was selected and spread by a grower known as “forty”.

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