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Glass Theft

Category: Glass | Posted on Mon, February, 10th 2014 by THCFinder
People spend a lot of money on the pieces that they want to smoke out of. Collections can be valued at well in to the thousands of dollars, depending on how dedicated the stoner is. Not only that but artists work hard to ensure that their products wind up in good hands, sometimes spending long amounts of time on custom pieces for people. Regardless of price, however, glass is very important to stoners and something like that should not be messed with.
Unfortunately, it seems as if there has been a lot of thievery of glass amongst the stoner community. Between random break ins at people's residences or those sneaky scammers that claim they're collecting items for a "giveaway". People like this are a disgrace to the cannabis community and don't deserve to call themselves stoners. Stealing in general is wrong but stealing from fellow stoners? That's the lowest of low. Your best bet is to spot thieves quickly. Knowing some key signs can help you from getting your prized pieces stolen.
If you're interested in doing a contest with someone on a social networking site, it's usually very easy to peg someone sneaky. Look at the person's feed. If they've already hosted contests, check out the winners. If previous winners have received their prizes and seem happy, the person behind the page is probably okay. However, a page that never showcases their contest winners is a definite red flag. And if you check out the winners and they don't have their prizes, another sign that the person you're thinking of dealing with is a bad choice.
For the real life situations, it's a good idea to keep your home a secret from certain people. Don't invite a friend of a friend of a friend over and if you have a big collection, don't be throwing parties or anything where the glass is in sight of lots of people. If you value your glass, you won't want to be showing it off. Use it as much as you like. But showing it off gives people the idea that you're lax about your pieces and they will think that it's easier to rip off your things.
Keep you glass collection close. Having a good amount of glass comes with a lot of responsibilities. By not being smart about your stuff, you're asking for your stuff to wind up stolen. Unfortunately, even the most careful stoners fall victim to this awful kind of person. Just be as careful as you can with the things that you work hard for. Successful stoners definitely deserve nice things!


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