Marijuana Dispensaries Becoming Exclusive Domain Of The 1 Percent

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mj-dispensariesOnce a business proposition that required little more than a few thousand dollars and some gardening equipment, selling medical marijuana is quickly becoming a dream fit only for deep-pocketed entrepreneurs.
Regulations in states that only recently legalized medical marijuana are mandating that would-be dispensary operators set aside large amounts of cash before even applying for a license, tipping the scales in favor of businesspeople with money to burn. Drawn-out licensing processes being devised in those states mean permits to run dispensaries will likely only go to those able to afford a cadre of consultants and lawyers.
Five years ago, Ean Seeb helped open Colorado dispensary Denver Relief with “four thousand dollars and half a pound of cannabis.”
“I don’t think that would ever happen again,” said Seeb, who now works as a dispensary consultant. “Somebody who just has a good idea but little capital would find it difficult to impossible to go into the business today.”
Seeb said he is counseling clients in Massachusetts, where only 35 dispensary licenses will be granted starting later this year, to set aside at least $2 million before even considering going into the medical marijuana industry. Not only are state fees related to the permitting process likely to total over $100,000 for many dispensaries, but the merit-based process for obtaining a license is also expected to privilege those who can demonstrate they have excess cash to secure an abundant supply of cannabis.


2 medical marijuana dispensaries open in Vt.

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vt-dispensaries-openBURLINGTON (AP) -- Two medical marijuana dispensaries have opened in Vermont after the Legislature passed a law allowing the drug to be dispensed to patients with chronic illness or intractable pain.
Champlain Valley Dispensary opened Monday in Burlington and the Vermont Patients Alliance opened a similar dispensary in Montpelier days before.
A third facility is planned in Brandon.
"This is a groundbreaking. It's important and exciting to be doing this in Burlington," said Shayne Lynn, proprietor of the Burlington dispensary.
Two years ago the Legislature passed a law permitting medical marijuana to be dispensed under strict rules.
They are required to grow their own marijuana in a secure environment. Customers must be qualified to buy the drug and show proof of that from the state. They then make an appointment to pick up the drug.
The dispensary also must consider what marijuana is selling for on the black market when it sets a price.
"We have to be concerned about the black market price. We can't undercut that price, because that might cause someone to resell it," he said.
The Burlington dispensary does offer a sliding scale to patients who can't pay the full price, he said.
The dispensary provides two strains of marijuana in three different potencies.
The drug goes for $225 to $450 an ounce, depending on its quality but most patients get smaller amounts. The dispensary serves 12-15 patients.
Lynn said he plans to pull back on his commercial photography business to dedicate himself to the dispensary.
"I totally believe in the plant and the science behind it. I had a very close friend who was a patient; I could see the relief he was getting from using cannabis. It was the one thing that got him through chemotherapy," he said.
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Panel OKs medical marijuana dispensaries in Oregon

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oregon-marijuana-dispensariesWhen a neurologist recommended medical marijuana to aid with her husband’s brain injury, Denise Concannon had no idea where to turn.
Today, Concannon runs The Holistic Choice, a medical marijuna dispensary in Salem and she is among owners who want to be licensed by the state. It’s a move owners hope will guide them through a legal gray area and help patients find a safe place to purchase the medicine.
“It does feel very much like the Wild West of weed out there and it’s very scary,” she said.
House Bill 3460 would license and regulate medical marijuana facilities throughout the state. The Oregon Health Authority would set up a registration system, authorizing the transfer of the drug to patients. The facilities would also have to comply with regulations for pesticides, mold and mildew testing, which supporters say will help ensure the drug isn’t contaminated.
A joint budget committee moved the bill to the House floor Wednesday on a 19-7 vote.
Opposition came mostly from Republicans who raised concerns about whether the bill would conflict with federal law and if there would be enough law enforcement resources.
Supporters of the bill include medical marijuana dispensaries, the American Civil Liberties Union of Oregon, Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum and other advocacy groups.


Santa Ana doesn't care about Medical Marijuana Patients

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sadispSANTA ANA – Over the last month, a majority of medical marijuana dispensaries operating in Santa Ana have been shut down.
As of May 17, 59 were in operation. Following the closure of 42 businesses, city officials announced this week that the number had been cut to 17. Over the past 21/2 years, the city has closed 109 illegal dispensaries.
The city has been working with federal officials to shut its remaining dispensaries.
"We're being more proactive," said city spokesman Jose Gonzalez.


Feds Crack Down On Hundreds Of Medical Marijuana Shops In California

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LOS ANGELES (AP) — Federal prosecutors have sent dozens of letters warning medical marijuana shops in Los Angeles and Long Beach to shut down or risk potential criminal or civil action.
Authorities say more than 100 pot clinics across Los Angeles County received the letters Tuesday. Lawsuits also were filed against two property owners in Long Beach, telling them it's illegal to allow pot sales in buildings they own.
California's federal prosecutors launched a coordinated crackdown on the state's medical marijuana industry in 2011 by threatening landlords with property forfeiture. Since then, many of the 625 pot shops targeted in the seven-county Central District of California have closed.


Marijuana dispensaries reopen in San Diego while ignorant neighbors complain

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sandiegoshopsSAN DIEGO – Several marijuana dispensaries have popped up in San Diego and the city isn’t doing anything about it.
Around 25 dispensaries have opened in the past few months, including 10 in Pacific Beach.
Mayor Bob Filner and City Council have been working on an ordinance to zone these types of shops, but nothing has been made official yet.
Scott Chipman of San Diegans for Safe Neighborhoods has filed complaints with the city, but the neighborhood code compliance department has stayed silent.
“It’s a very disturbing thing to see the city allow more and more of these stores to open without any enforcement,” said Chipman.
“Selling marijuana is not a legal grey area. Selling marijuana is illegal by state and federal law and that’s what these stores are doing,” Chipman said. “They are basically drug dealers operating in our business districts.”
City Attorney Jan Goldsmith told Fox5 his hands are tied.
Goldsmith’s office shutdown more than 100 dispensaries in the past two years, but hasn’t prosecuted a dispensary case since January after Filner stopped enforcing the zoning laws.
“It’s sort of like having a speed limit, but no police officers to enforce it,” Goldsmith said.
“This mayor has decided not to refer them. The City Council has directed him three times to refer cases to us and he has refused. In many cases it is between city council and the mayor,” Goldsmith added. “We’ll do our job.”



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