Looking to Open a Dispensary or Collective?

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To open a dispensary you will need a dispensary business plan. With the relaxing of the laws in some states relating to the cultivation, selling, and possession of marijuana for medicinal purposes there are now legal dispensaries in operation in many locations throughout the USA. These dispensaries provide a valuable service in local communities, as the alternative is for those in need to have to source their medicinal marijuana from illegal dealers. They help societies in other ways too, as they create jobs and provide opportunities for people to start their own business.


Opening a marijuana dispensary as a business venture can be a very rewarding and profitable experience. It is a recession proof business, as people will always have a need for medicinal marijuana. It is not an easy task, however, as there are still many objections to the legalization of medicinal marijuana, and as such there are very stringent rules and regulations in place to ensure that any dispensary is run ethically.


A dispensary business plan is absolutely vital for anybody who is considering entering this line of business. It should clearly set out in great detail every aspect of the proposed dispensary operation. It is only when certain legal parameters are met that state licensing boards will grant a dispensary license. A dispensary business plan is required to prove that those conditions will be met.


In particular, a dispensary business plan will have to state categorically where the dispensary’s supply of marijuana will be sourced from, and what the size of the expected customer base will be. It will also have to state what measures will be put in place to ensure that all marijuana will be dispensed legally, and that stocks of medical cannabis will always be stored securely.


Since Federal law still classifies marijuana as an illegal substance, any state which has legalized the drug must be seen to be extremely strict in their licensing for medical marijuana dispensaries. A state licensing board must therefore be impressed by a dispensary business plan in order to grant a license. They must also be satisfied that any proposed dispensary will be of benefit to the local community. As a consequence, this should be the focus of attention for anybody who would like to operate a dispensary business. A good dispensary business plan will not only allow them to be granted a license, but also to be granted a business loan from a bank.


Owning and operating a legal marijuana dispensary is a serious responsibility, and one which must be handled professionally. It must be run as diligently as any other business in order for it to be successful. For this reason the creation of a dispensary business plan is the crucial first step in the process of owning a licensed dispensary business.


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Maine marijuana dispensary workers protest

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PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — Workers at a group of Maine medical marijuana dispensaries are protesting working conditions at the dispensaries.
About 25 people rallied Saturday in Portland in protest of Wellness Connection of Maine, the state's largest medical marijuana dispensary group with facilities in Portland, Brewer, Thomaston and Hallowell.
Protesters told the Maine Sunday Telegram (http://bit.ly/YCFVjS ) their employer is ignoring their concerns about working conditions and their effort to unionize. Unionized employees say Wellness Connection has refused to recognize the union, while others say unionized employees don't represent a majority.


How To Start a Non Profit Collective

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First and foremost, when when wanting to know how to open a dispensary starting a non profit collective you should know that your entire operation depends on your motives and influence the decisions you make regarding your patients and community. If your motive is compassion, your actions will reflect it. You should keep in mind that if you are insincere, you put yourself and others at risk.


Before you know can get to how to start a non profit collective, the first thing to know is what a medical cannabis dispensing collective/dispensary (also called cannabis centers or compassion clubs) is. It is a legal organization which provides medical marijuana to its members. This makes one wonder on how to start a non profit collective and how this is possible.


There are certain state laws which allow marijuana to be cultivated for medicinal purposes and the state health and safety codes allow certain organizations to collectively or cooperatively do so. All the patients and their primary caregivers are legally-qualified. Though laws aren’t very clear about the collective or the organization nowhere does it say that medical cannabis can be grown for profit i.e., it can only be for a non profit organization. No matter the type of organizational structure, any organization can referred to as not-for-profit business if reinvests the revenues in the service of its member or any other type of noncommercial activity.


A not-for-profit organization shouldn’t be confused with non-profit organizations (such as schools, churches, hospitals, etc) which are exempt from paying taxes as they do educational, religious or charitable work. However, providing medical cannabis is not seen as a tax-exempt activity and under the state laws will still have to pay taxes


The medication should always be obtained from its registered members, which may seem as a challenge for new dispensing collectives. Also, it is important to build a membership base before having a wide selection to offer them.


The most important piece of advice anyone can give you on how to start a non profit collective is to keep the legal jargon on the tip of your tongue to avoid legal risks for example, calling ‘Marijuana Cannabis’, buying or selling as acquiring or providing. Using proper terminology is bound to influence those around you. You should always keep in mind that marijuana remains illegal under federal laws although some states and cities have adopted the medical marijuana patient programs.


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Rhode Island Decriminalizes Marijuana, Dispensaries To Open Soon

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Rhode Island has decriminalized marijuana with a measure passed at the beginning of April, so anyone caught with up to an ounce of pot will now face a $150 ticket instead of a misdemeanor criminal charge.
The marijuana decriminalization measure was passed at midnight on April 1, making Rhode Island the latest state to either legalize marijuana or decrease the penalties associated with possession.
Governor Lincoln Chafee had signed the marijuana decriminalization legislation into law in June, though it did not take effect until Monday as officials worked out the enforcement procedures.
For Rhode Island, the marijuana decriminalization measure even longer in the making. In 2006 the state’s General Assembly passed a law establishing a state medical-marijuana program that allowed patients to grow their own cannabis or get it from caregivers, or growers certified by the state.


Legal Nevada Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Could Open in a Year

Category: Dispensaries | Posted on Sat, March, 30th 2013 by THCFinder
A lawmaker pushing for medical marijuana dispensaries in Nevada says they could be open within a year if legislators pass a bill to allow them this session.
Medical marijuana is already legal in Nevada, but state law does not allow for dispensaries, reports the Las Vegas Sun. On Friday, most members of the state's Senate Judiciary Committee voiced support for a bill sponsored by Democratic State Sen. Tick Segerblom.
Segerblom said he hopes the first clinics will open in a year, but lawmakers must vote by mid-April for that to happen. He said there are 3,500 registered medical marijuana users in Nevada, but the number could grow to 35,000. 
Through marijuana dispensaries, registered users could buy the drug for $10 an ounce, and would be limited to two ounces of marijuana in any 14-day period.
Lawmakers are still questioning whether people with medical marijuana cards from other states will be able to buy the drug in Nevada, and how the dispensaries will obtain their supplies. It's likely both issues will be addressed in amendments to Segerblom's bill.


Workers Blow Whistle on Pesticide Use at Maine Marijuana Dispensary

Category: Dispensaries | Posted on Fri, March, 29th 2013 by THCFinder
THOMASTON, ME – After management ignored complaints about the use of pesticides on medical marijuana plants and other unsatisfactory working conditions, workers at Wellness Connection dispensary in Thomaston say that they took the next step – they reported the violations to the Maine Department of Health and Human Services. And now they’re forming a union branch with the United Food and Commercial Workers International (UFCW), the largest retail union in the country.
On Monday, March 26, the Division of Licensing and Regulatory Services (DLRS), which oversees the Maine Medical Marijuana Program, revealed the results of their investigation, which found a laundry list of violations at Wellness Connection’s growing facilities and four medical marijuana dispensaries located around the state.
The DLRS cited the use of pesticides in the growing of medical marijuana, the lack of proper security and the production and sale of an illegal form of marijuana among the more than 20 violations of state rules governing medical marijuana that were uncovered during its month-long investigation of Wellness Connection, which operates dispensaries in Thomaston, Brewer, Hallowell and Portland and grows marijuana in Auburn and Thomaston.



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