Arizona Judge Overturns County's Ban On Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

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arizona-judge-overturns-bans-on-dispensariesArizona Superior Court Judge Michael Gordon has overturned a zoning ordinance in Maricopa County which, according to the judge, is a “transparent attempt” to keep medical cannabis dispensaries out of unincorporated areas of the county. The ruling came as part of a pretrial verdict in favor of White Mountain Health Center, which plans to open a dispensary in Sun City.
In his verdict, Judge Gordon said that the ordinance amounts to an effective ban on dispensaries in some of the county’s cities, and noted that there is no available property in Sun City that meets the county’s requirements.
Gordon says that the ordinance “suggests a transparent attempt to prevent the implementation of the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act“.
According to the ruling, county’s have authority to zone dispensaries, but don’t have the authority to zone them in a manner that bans them outright. Gordon will listen to further arguments on practical effects of his ruling from both sides on Monday.


San Diego goes backwards and sues marijuana dispensary

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san-diego-sueing-dispensariesSAN DIEGO — The city attorney is suing to force a medical marijuana dispensary to close, a sign of a changed policy since the resignation of Mayor Bob Filner.
Soon after taking office, Filner had called for the city attorney to stop taking medical dispensaries to court to force their closure. The act was the beginning of a rift between Filner and City Atty. Jan Goldsmith.
Just days after Filner’s Aug. 30 resignation, Acting Mayor Todd Gloria reversed Filner’s hands-off policy toward marijuana dispensaries.
Gloria informed the city’s chief operating officer and assistant chief operating officer that enforcement of zoning violations by pot shops could resume.
This week, the city attorney filed a civil complaint to shut down the Central Wellness Collective on El Cajon Boulevard in the mid-city area. The complaint holds the property owners liable for allowing the dispensary to remain open in defiance of city zoning laws.
“The municipal code does not permit dispenaries in any zone and we will enforce the law to close their operation,” Goldsmith said.
It was the first such legal action this year.
During the tenure of Mayor Jerry Sanders, the City Council adopted and then rescinded a marijuana zoning ordinance.
The pro-marijuana movement, believing the ordinance too restrictive, had sought to have it submitted to a public vote.
Instead the council in July 2011 dumped it, leaving the dispensaries no location to operate legally; the city attorney followed with aggressive litigation.
A ordinance proposed by Filner that would have allowed marijuana dispensaries to operate was rejected by the council.
A new marijuana zoning ordinance, more restrictive than the one sponsored by Filner, is being vetted by neighborhood groups. The proposal should be ready for council consideration by January, a spokeswoman for Gloria said.


Eureka cancels meeting on banning marijuana dispensaries

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cancelled-dispensary-ban-meetingThe Eureka City Council canceled a special session meeting scheduled for Thursday night, which was called to introduce an amendment to the city's medical marijuana ordinance that would ban cannabis cooperatives, collectives and mobile dispensaries.
”After talking with staff and our city attorney, we decided it would be better to step back and take a look at our report to council and provide them at a regular council meeting a comprehensive report along with a number of alternatives, and then seek direction from council instead of recommending the ordinance modifications,” Assistant City Manager Mike Knight said.
The meeting was also canceled to give the public more advance notice, Knight added.
Councilman Mike Newman said the meeting was called because last week's regular meeting was canceled, and the council thought the ordinance was time sensitive because the current moratorium expires Nov. 3.
The city's medical cannabis ordinance -- passed by a previous council in August 2010 and modified in May 2011 -- regulates personal, residential marijuana grows on a land-use basis and allows for the permitting of four medical marijuana dispensaries. The council extended the existing moratorium, which was first passed in November 2011, for one year last October.
Newman said the amendment will likely be discussed during the council's Oct. 15 meeting.


S. Jersey Medical Marijuana Site Poised to Open

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There are no signs out front, but people still show up at a drab beige warehouse outside Atlantic City to ask whether medical marijuana is available.
Inside the cavernous building, 1,500 plants are growing beneath glowing fuchsia, yellow, and white LED lights inside a makeshift room. Soon, the sweet-smelling, leafy plants will be harvested. They now stand 18 inches tall, each in a three-gallon pot, after three months of nurturing.
Growers in white lab coats fussed over them last week, culling out unwanted half-male half-female specimens while three New Jersey health inspectors watched.
In about two weeks, the cannabis will be gathered, dried and packaged. William Thomas, Compassionate Care Foundation's hands-on CEO, told The Philadelphia Inquirer that the bar-code number on each seed will be checked again when the final product is placed in a vial. Then, on Oct. 15, CCF hopes to open, becoming South Jersey's first dispensary.
But don't envision patients lining up at the clinic's entrance at the front of the warehouse, in an industrial park in this suburban community, nine miles from the ocean. No walk-ins are allowed.


22 medical marijuana applicants weeded out by Massachusetts Department of Public Health

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BOSTON -- A total of 22 applicants for medical marijuana dispensaries were eliminated on Monday from competition by the state Department of Public Health.
The process now leaves 158 applicants for dispensary licenses for medical marijuana, down from 181 initial applicants. In addition to the 22 eliminated by the state, one company withdrew.
A total of 22 applicants failed to pass a first phase of vetting by the state that looked at finances, nonprofit status, and possible criminal backgrounds of companies.
In a stiff financial hurdle, applicants needed to demonstrate they have at least $500,000 in liquid capital to pass the first phase.
In Western Massachusetts, one applicant failed to pass muster in Franklin County, none were eliminated in Hampden County and one was cut out in Hampshire County, according to an updated list from the state.
That leaves five applicants in Franklin, 11 in Hampden and five in Hampshire. All cleared the first phase in Berkshire, which has three applicants for dispensary licenses.


Fourth marijuana dispensary to open in Aspen

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new-dispensary-aspenA new medical-marijuana dispenser plans to open in Aspen, with two more dispensers awaiting approval.
Chad Harbin has received approval from the city to open Advanced Growing Technologies on Spring Street. He plans to submit his medical-marijuana retail application to the state on Tuesday, eight days before the Oct. 1 deadline to be considered for recreational-marijuana retail conversion.
Ron Radtke, owner of Green Essentials dispensary in Glenwood Springs, has submitted his medical application to the state. He is awaiting business approval from Aspen for a space at Hyman Avenue and Mill Street.
A third group, from Durango — also awaiting Aspen’s approval — plans to operate in the Bidwell Building, located on the Cooper Avenue pedestrian mall.
City staff recommended that for the first year or two, the number of recreational marijuana retailers in Aspen be no greater than the number of established medical dispensaries by Oct. 1. There are now four medical operators in Aspen — Alternative Medical Solutions, Leaf Aspen, Silverpeak Apothecary and Harbin’s business Advanced Growing Technologies.
The proposed pot-shop limit drew some discussion at the Aspen City Council’s Sept. 16 meeting.
Jeff Wertz — who serves on the Liquor License Authority, the entity that will distribute recreational-marijuana-retail licenses — pointed out that Aspen has never capped liquor licenses, so it shouldn’t do it with retail marijuana, either.
“If someone has a clean background, they get the (liquor) license,” Wertz said.
Jordan Lewis, owner of Silverpeak Apothecary, and Damien Horgan, owner of Aspen’s Alternative Medical Solutions, both spoke out against allowing more retailers into the market. Radtke said that from a competitive standpoint, he understands where they’re coming from.
“If I were in their position, I would do the same thing,” he said.
The City Council will discuss the pot-shop limit at Monday’s regular meeting. The council also will review land-use amendments, which will define zoning and operating procedures for recreational marijuana.
Medical dispensaries can begin selling recreational marijuana on Jan. 1, nine months before non-medical applicants. Similar to liquor retailers, recreational-marijuana retailers will be charged a $2,000 operating fee by the city. That’s in addition to the $500 state application fee, half of which the city will collect.



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