First medical marijuana dispensary opens in DC

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WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- Capital City Care opened its door in Washington today.
This is the first licensed medical marijuana dispensary located on 1334 N. Capitol St, N.W.. Voters in Washington passed an initiative which allows people who have a serious illness to legally buy medical marijuana, according to a press release.
The general manager, David Guard said in a statement, "It's so exciting to welcome patients into Capital City Care for the first time. Every day we hear from people who are suffering from serious illnesses and need another option for treating their symptoms. It's an honor to be able to help them improve their quality of life and provide care to this large under-served population."
Only patients who have been diagnosed with HIV/AIDS, cancer, glaucoma, severe muscle spasms are able to participate in this program. They have to be recommended by a DC licensed doctor, show that they are DC residents, and approved by the Department of Health, it said in a press release. 
Alonzo, a registered patient who was the first customer here said, "As a person living with HIV, the ability to use medical marijuana will go far in helping to alleviate the challenges I have both with the disease and side effects from my medication. Capital City Care is a life-affirming resource staffed with sensitive and compassionate providers. They are not only knowledgeable about the benefits of cannabis, but through their advocacy on our behalf have made this resource a reality. Visiting the dispensary for the first time was an experience I'll remember forever."


Jersey Medical Marijuana Dispensary Opening Just Weeks Away

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jersey-dispensary-openingA new medical marijuana dispensary is scheduled to open in South Jersey in the coming weeks.
Compassionate Care Foundation, Inc. is expected to open a facility in Egg Harbor Township, just outside of Atlantic City, in mid-September.
All that's left is a final state inspection, the last step before a permit to dispense can be issued.
The review involves, among other things, making sure the space is properly secured and that employee and operations manuals are in place.
If approved, the facility would be just the second dispensary in the state that's considered to have the strictest regulations for medicinal pot in the country.
Legislation legalizing medical marijuana took effect in the state in January 2010.
Jay Lassiter, one of the 1,000 patients registered with the state's medical marijuana program, is skeptical that the Egg Harbor site will open in September. But he said there's no doubt it'll make life a lot easier whenever it does.
The Cherry Hill resident lives two hours from the state's lone dispensary in Montclair.
"I look forward to having my medical needs served in a more convenient manner," said Lassiter, who smokes medicinal marijuana when he needs to settle his stomach.
Lassiter has had HIV for the past two decades.
The bevy of medications he takes each day sometimes make him sick, but he can't skip taking the pills that keep him alive.


Feds raid medical marijuana dispensaries in Washington state

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Federal agents raided several medical marijuana dispensaries Wednesday in Washington — a state which just decriminalized the drug last year.
The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration's Seattle office confirmed in a brief statement that "several search warrants were executed today involving marijuana storefronts" in the Puget Sound region around Seattle.
It gave no further details, and the number of raids remained unclear Wednesday evening.
One of the dispensaries was the Bayside Collective in Olympia, the state capital, where seven government vehicles converged Wednesday morning.
Agents with guns drawn seized business records and about $2,500 worth of marijuana intended for cancer patients, Casey Lee, who works at the clinic, told NBC station KING of Seattle.
"It's humiliating," Lee said. "They don't get to see the cancer patients."
Washington was one of the first states to legalize possession of up to an ounce of marijuana last year. But it remains illegal under federal law, and Lee claimed one of the agents told him, "Things are going to be hell for you."
"One of the DEA agents said: 'This is your second raid and your third robbery. Why do you keep doing this?'" Lee said.
"I just told him it's because we just enjoy helping people, and he told us that he wasn't expecting that answer."


Men killed inside California medical marijuana dispensary

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dispensary-shootingBAKERSFIELD - Police are trying to find the person or persons who shot and killed two men inside a medical marijuana collective Wednesday morning. It happened just before 10 a.m. inside First Reliable located at 217 Chester Avenue.
Police have not said what they believe the motive was and the coroner has not released the names of the victims. But, a family at the scene says they know one of the men is related to them and worked at the shop. Marquise Blackmon says he was her husband, named Devin Daniels.
"He wouldn't be nowhere else. He always there," said Blackmon.      
Blackmon says Daniels was the father of her three young girls. She says the 23-year-old worked at the shop for two years. His family, including sister Christina Luttrell, surrounded the crime scene.
"He wasn't even going to come to work today. He wasn't going to come to work today," said Luttrell, crying in grief. 
Bakersfield Police received calls reporting gun shots Wednesday morning. When they arrived minutes later, investigators found found two men, shot to death, inside the shop.  Other people they interviewed told police they saw a dark colored sport utility vehicle speeding away.
"They've canvassed the area and they are continuing to follow up with their investigation," said Michaela Beard, Bakersfield Police public information officer.
Police didn't find any weapons and people in the busy area, continued to crowd around to see what happened. 
"You don't know if it was to rob the store or if the people in there had beef at the time. You know, you don't really know," said Stephanie Robert who lives in the area.
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Arizona Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Thriving

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Since August 2012, Arizona has seen 98 registration certificates awarded for those wanting to open medical marijuana dispensaries. Last December saw the opening of the first dispensary, Organix of Clark County, in Arizona, and 16 were reportedly open in late April 2013. However, Arizona state government has not been the industry’s biggest supporter.
Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne, Rep. John Kavanagh of Fountain Hills, and Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery have all done their part to derail progress for medical marijuana, and you can find those details here. Luckily, the courts have supported the will of the voters against challenges to the program. The Arizona Department of Health Services is still issuing ID cards for medical marijuana patients, and the list of approved dispensaries continues to grow.
New dispensaries are still burdened by heavy restrictions and regulations, but access to medical marijuana for patients has never been better. In fact, the Arizona Health Department reports that “47 dispensaries have been inspected and approved to operate, and 35 of those are open and operating throughout the state. Approximately 90% of all Arizonans now live within 25 miles of an operating dispensary.” Arizona’s medical marijuana industry, despite troubles from the government, continues to prosper and works to improve access to all patients in need.


Medical marijuana bust angers New Westminster operators

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mj-shop-upsetThe lawyer for the operator of a New Westminster medical marijuana dispensary says police wasted time and money targeting his client with a year-long undercover operation.
New Westminster police have recommended charges against three people after raiding the N.I.C.E dispensary in May.
A search warrant obtained by CBC News details a year-long investigation into the venture, which was run by Justin Cleveland, head of the West Coast Green Light Society advocacy organization.
Cleveland's lawyer, Kirk Tousaw, says his client was completely transparent as to his intentions, informing the city with a detailed proposal for a two-year trial period.
"I think that most Canadians would agree that using scarce police resources to investigate and ultimately arrest people that are trying to help others with medical conditions access medical cannabis isn't the most effective use of these resources," Tousaw says.
"If I was a taxpayer in New Westminster — and it is a municipal police force — I'd be wondering what the priorities of New Westminster Police Department are."
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