Oregon Senate OKs marijuana dispensary bill

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oregon-oks-mmj-billSALEM — Seeking to make it easier for medical pot users to get their medicine and harder for the black market to get its hands on Oregon weed, the state Senate on Wednesday approved a bill that would legalize and license marijuana shops.
Under Oregon law, nearly 55,000 cardholders must grow the drug themselves or designate someone to grow it for them. Medical pot users say dispensaries are needed to give them a reliable place to get their medicine.
Medical marijuana dispensaries that exist now operate without oversight and run the risk of being shut down by law enforcement.
Some counties have taken a hands-off approach and allowed the establishments to remain open. But dispensaries in other counties have been raided by police and forced to close.
Another major concern of Oregon's medical pot program is that the weed supposedly intended for medical marijuana patients is getting sold on the black market.
Architects of the bill passed on Wednesday say it will give cardholders certainty that they can acquire their medicine, and that it is safe. They also hope the bill will keep excess pot from being siphoned off to the black market.
"This is a great way to impose a standard that will keep that from occurring," said Sen. Floyd Prozanksi, D-Eugene.
The bill, which passed 18-12, would establish a licensing system under the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program to regulate the medicinal pot retail industry. This would bring the estimated 200 lounges, collectives and cafes already in operation under the purview of state law.
Opponents say the bill doesn't go far enough to stop what they see as abuses to the state's medical marijuana program. And some lawmakers have argued that authorizing dispensaries is a slippery slope to legalizing marijuana for recreational use.


Medical marijuana dispensaries set to soon open in D.C.

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dc-marijuana-dispensariesDramatic shifts in public opinion about marijuana legalization are forcing both lawmakers and the public to deal with clashing federal and state policies.
In just weeks, three dispensaries will open in the Washington D.C. area.
Eighteen states and the District of Columbia have legalized the use of marijuana for medical purposes since California voters made the first move in 1996.
Voters in Colorado and Washington state took the next step last year and approved pot for recreational use. Alaska is likely to vote on the same question in 2014, and a few other states are expected to put recreational use on the ballot in 2016.
Nearly half of adults have tried marijuana, 12 percent of them in the past year, according to a survey by the Pew Research Center. More teenagers now say they smoke marijuana than ordinary cigarettes.
Fifty-two percent of adults favor legalizing marijuana, up 11 percentage points just since 2010, according to Pew. Sixty percent think Washington shouldn’t enforce federal laws against marijuana in states that have approved its use. Seventy-two percent think government efforts to enforce marijuana laws cost more than they’re worth.
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Vermont Marijuana Decriminalization Law Takes Effect Monday

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vt-dispensariesVermont will become the 17th state to decriminalize marijuana at 12:01 am EDT July 1
MONTPELIER, VT – Vermonters will possessing small amounts of marijuana will no longer be subject to arrest starting Monday, when a bill adopted this year to remove criminal penalties for marijuana possession will go into effect.  Vermont will become the 17th state to decriminalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana.
House Bill 200, sponsored by Rep. Christopher Pearson (P-Burlington) with a tripartisan group of 38 cosponsors, passed the House in April before sailing though the Senate less than a month later.  Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin (D) signed the bill into law in early June.
It ends criminal penalties for the possession of up to an ounce of marijuana or five grams of hashish and replaces them with fines of $200 for a first offense, $300 for a second offense, and $500 for subsequent offenses.
Possession of more than an ounce remains a criminal offense, as does cultivation of any number of plants.
“This is a much-needed step forward toward a more sensible marijuana policy,” said Matt Simon, legislative analyst for the Marijuana Policy Project, which lobbied in support of the legislation. “Nobody should be subjected to life-altering criminal penalties simply for possessing a substance that is objectively less harmful than alcohol.”
The bill had the support of Vermont Attorney General William Sorrell and Public Safety Commissioner Keith Flynn, who both testified in favor of the bill in April.


L.A. releases list of 134 medical marijuana clinics allowed in the city

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la-listings-of-collectivesThe Los Angeles City Attorney's office on Friday released a list of 134 medical marijuana dispensaries that will be qualified to operate under Proposition D, the May 21 measure approved by city voters.
The dispensaries on the list are those that registered with the city prior to City Hall imposing a moratorium on new facilities in 2007.
Opponents of the measure, who are seeking to allow more clinics to open in the city, have said they are reviewing possible legal challenges to the city's law.
For a list of the clinics, click here


Marijuana dispensaries banned in Bakersfield

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bakersfield-dispensariesBAKERSFIELD, CA - Local marijuana advocates are looking for options after the Bakersfield city council voted Tuesday night to ban all medical marijuana dispensaries in the city, starting in August.
The city attorney's office says a small task force will be formed to help clear out the pot shops after the ban kicks in.
"We really believe that 65 percent of the people in Bakersfield support the legal use of marijuana," said marijuana advocate Nathan Acuna.
But starting in August, with the new city ordinance, city officials hope to have none.
"This ordinance gives us some additional teeth should we decide to move forward and actually have to use the court power to close a medical marijuana dispensary," said City Attorney Ginny Gennaro.
Marijuana advocate Nathan Acuna says the decision is disappointing.
"It's sad when Bakersfield's city council, five, six, select few people went against the wishes of the people in Bakersfield and voted to ban it," said Acuna.
The city already has a resolution banning pot shops, but the new ordinance will provide more legal power to close them down.
Genaro says within 30 days, a small task force will be formed.
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3 Michigan medical marijuana dispensaries raided

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SPRINGFIELD — Police with search warrants raided three medical marijuana dispensaries in Springfield Wednesday, alleging they were violating Michigan law.
About 10:45 a.m. Michigan State Police troopers and undercover drug officers drove into the parking lot of The Karmacy at 4549 W. Dickman Road. At the same time officers went to the Southwest Compassion Care Center at 700 N. 20th St., and Happy Daze at 695 N. 20th St., both in Springfield.
Officers left the two centers on 20th Street by mid-afternoon but were still at The Karmacy late in the day.
Officers also went to a home in Kalamazoo County and one in Barry County where owners or managers of The Karmacy lived, according to Detective Lt. Wayne Edington of the Michigan State Police Southwest Enforcement Team, an undercover drug unit. He said troopers along with undercover officers from units in Jackson and Allegan and from the department’s computer crimes unit assisted in the raids.
Officers had a sixth search warrant for the offices of the City of Springfield and Edington said they were seeking documents about the licenses and financial records issued and kept by the city for all three businesses.
City Manager Frank Peterson said the city complied with the search warrant and turned over copies of the records.
Edington said the raids were part of an investigation begun late in 2012 because “all three were operating outside the scope of the medical marijuana law.” He said search warrants were obtained through the Calhoun County Prosecutor, David Gilbert.



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