LOS ANGELES: Stop the Federal Attack on Medical Marijuana!

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An attack on safe access is an attack on patients!
Join Americans for Safe Access (ASA) and a statewide coalition on Monday, October 24, for a peaceful protest at the Federal Building in downtown Los Angeles to protest the Obama Administration’s new attack on medical cannabis patients and property owners! Then march two blocks to Los Angeles City Hall to join the Occupy LA protest and visit City Council offices to oppose plans to ban medical cannabis cooperatives and collectives in the city.

*** Click here to download a flier for the protest! ***

What:  Peaceful Protest Against the Federal Attack on Safe Access

When:  12:00 PM * Monday, October 24, 2011

Where:  Edward R. Roybal Federal Building (Downtown), 255 E. Temple Street, Los Angeles, CA 90006. Between N. Los Angeles St. and N. Alameda St.


Bring:  Friends, signs, banners, horns, drums, bells, sunscreen, water, etc.!

The peaceful protest will begin with a press conference at noon. Anna Boyce, a Registered Nurse and co-author of California's Proposition 215 will speak. Ms. Boyce will be asking for a meeting with President Obama and calling for an end to the federal attacks. Other speakers will be announced soon.

The US Department of Justice (DOJ) announced a major attack on medical cannabis patients’ access to medicine last week. The DOJ says medical cannabis patients’ cooperatives and collectives in California are illegal, and ordered them to close within forty five days. The DOJ also dusted off and old Bush-era tactic, sending letters threatening property owners who rent to medical cannabis tenants with prosecution and asset forfeiture. Most of California’s legal medical cannabis patients rely on cooperatives and collectives for safe access to the medicine they need to treat the symptoms of cancer, HIV/AIDS, Multiple Sclerosis, chronic pain, and other serious conditions. Tell President Obama and the DOJ to stop the federal attack on safe access and to support a change in federal law!

Read ASA’s press release and blog for background information.

Click here to download a flier to copy and distribute. Email for printed fliers.



IDAHO hope fest

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Idaho HOPE Fest is the first annual event being held in Boise, ID to advocate for the end of the federal government’s war on cannabis consumers and to promote the re-legalization of industrial hemp. HOPE stands for Hemp Offers People Everything, because it does offer people everything.  We will feature live entertainment, guest speakers, vendors, and educational exhibits on cannabis and the politics, culture, science, and controversy surrounding it. 

The people behind Idaho's first hope fest say it's because Cannabis, or marijuana, has been classified as a Schedule I drug like heroin, with no accepted medical value. It’s placed higher than methamphetamine, cocaine and anabolic steroids in the list of controlled substances, yet it is non-toxic and has not produced a single death in history related to overdose. Modern science has proven that cannabis does help treat and alleviate symptoms from many debilitating medical conditions and illnesses.




State investigates workers who OK'd medical marijuana at Hempfest

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State health-care regulators have opened a preliminary investigation into two medical professionals who were issuing medical-marijuana authorizations at Hempfest.
The investigation was initiated by the Department of Health (DOH) on Thursday based on an Aug. 21 story in The Seattle Times, which described a reporter's ability to get a medical-marijuana authorization based on complaints of back pain.
Tim Church, a DOH spokesman, declined to name the two health-care professionals but said the state's naturopathic-advisory committee had opened a complaint. "It was opened as a result of media reports," he said.
After an initial investigation into the two individuals, DOH will decide whether to close the case or proceed with a fuller probe and possibly to a disciplinary hearing, Church said. "Anytime we see something that could be outside the scope of a medical professional's license, we take a look at it," he said.
The DOH has not taken action against a medical professional for authorizing medical marijuana in the 13-year history of the law allowing it. But the proliferation of specialty medical-cannabis clinics over the past two years has increased concern that patients are being authorized for conditions not in the state law.


20 years of Hempfest lights up

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SEATTLE -- This weekend marks 20 years of the Hempfest Seattle festival as a Northwest fixture of marijuana discussion.
Hempfest Seattle opens for the 20th year Friday at Myrtle Edwards Park, and continues all weekend.
"Hempfest is first and foremost a political protest rally seeking to change America's pot laws and to educate the public on the many uses of the cannabis plant," organizers write on their website.
But this year's festival promises to stoke even more conversation, with Washington's medical marijuana laws undergoing a transformation over the summer.
It is no longer legal to operate a medical marijuana dispensary in the state. Instead, "collective gardens" are permitted, allowing up to 10 licensed patients 40 medical marijuana plants for their use. Several cities, including Kirkland and Tacoma, have enacted a temporary moratorium on the gardens to more closely examine the law.
"Of course Hempfest is about cannabis," reads the website, "industrial hemp, medical marijuana and recreational use by otherwise law abiding, responsible adults..."
A handful of elected legislators will be on hand to speak to crowds at the event. Saturday features former presidential candidate Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D, Ohio), as well as State Representatives Mary Lou Dickerson (D-Seattle) and Roger Goodman (D-Kirkland). Kucinich publicly supports legalizing marijuana across the U.S.
Hempfest is free to attend, but a $10 donation is suggested.


Downtown Oakland To Host Huge, Open-Air Cannabis Expo

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Organizers expect up to 30,000 cannabis fans to flood into Frank H. Ogawa Plaza in front of Oakland City Hall September 3rd and 4th for The International Cannabis and Hemp Expo 2011.
Tickets just went on sale for the event, which is scheduled to feature three entertainment stages, 300 to 400 industry vendors, dozens of food trucks, and guest celebrities, experts and politicians from the movement.
“It's the first time ever a city shut down streets [for such an event]”, said Salwa Ibrahim, government relations coordinator for INTCHE 2011. “It's a big deal for Oakland.”
The annual event's usual home is the Cow Palace in Daly City, but venue operators there denied INTCHE 2011 a “215 area," citing recent ecstasy overdose deaths at an unrelated rave as cause
But stuck-up Daly City's loss will be Oakland's gain. INTCHE is going to attract massive foot traffic to places like Cafe Van Kleef and Flora, said Ibrahim. The 12th Street BART stop is just a block away, and bike racks will be brought in for cyclists.
“Local businesses have been amazingly supportive because there's really nothing going on the weekend other than Pride. It's a real opportunity to bring as many people as possible to downtown Oakland. We're looking forward to other businesses benefiting,” she said.
Yes, Oakland plans on having its own version of “Pride” that weekend — pleasant coincidence, said Ibrahim, as the plight of stoners is increasingly compared to that of the gays.
“In many ways, pot is the new gay,” said Ibrahim, who has been an assistant to Rich Lee at Oaksterdam. “We've often considered campaign to encourage people to come out of the closet.”
The 2011 Expo will feature an open-air “215” area for medical marijuana patients right in front of City Hall in the Plaza. City officials were adamant that no smoking could occur on the plaza grass itself, but other than that, “it's kind of a natural fit. I think that it should be in Oakland. What we're trying to do is make Oakland and Oaksterdam a tourist destination and this really solidifies that,” she said.
“The police have been extremely helpful and willing to work with us,” she added.


Watch the Kush Expo LIVE on!

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Hey fellow Tokers come on out and Join us at the Kush Expo today in Anaheim California. There are great deals going on, free goodies, and an amazing smoking section.

If you can't make it out then tune into the Kush Expo Live from the THCfinder booth.

You can watch by clicking HERE .




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