Hempfest may not happen in 2011

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With no confirmed venue and no confirmed dates, Seattle Hempfest, the world's largest annual cannabis protestival, is fighting for its life.

Hempfest has filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court against the City of Seattle in an effort to get a 2011 permit to produce the annual free speech rally, which aims to reform America's cannabis prohibition.
The lawsuit calls the city's unwillingness to delay planned construction, or to stage the work to accomodate Hempfest, "unreasonable, arbitrary and capricious."
The suit, which also includes Seattle's mayor, director of the Seattle Department of Transportation, director of Seattle Center, and chairperson of the Seattle Special Events Committee, asks the city to issue an appropriate permit for Seattle Hempfest in August 2011.
The lawsuit also seeks, if necessary, to stop Seattle from implementing the West Thomas Overpass project in such a way as to interfere with the use of Hempfest's home, Myrtle Edwards  Park, in August 2011. Planned summer construction of the skybridge in Myrtle Edwards Park, which has been the location of Hempfest since 1995, has displaced the mammoth event which routinely draws more than 100,000 attendees annually.


Simply Pure Chefs Cooking It Up at Kushcon II Marijuana Lifestyle Convention

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DENVER, CO--(Marketwire - December 16, 2010) - Simply Pure, a Colorado grown company with 100% organic and 100% pure bud, no trim gourmet cannabis edibles, today announced that Chefs Scott Durrah, Lauren Gennett and Rachel Wolpo will conduct a series of cooking demonstrations during the KushCon II convention December 17-19 at the Colorado Convention Center.

KushCon, which is being heralded as the "Weedstock" for cannabis enthusiasts, is the world's largest marijuana lifestyle convention and organizers expect as many as 50,000 people to attend. The event is cannabis-free and is open to all ages.

Durrah, Gennett and Wolpo will take center stage throughout the conference, preparing a variety of delectable edibles, from granola and traditional treats to meat dishes and decadent delights. Durrah was the focus of the CNBC documentary, Marijuana USA and the owner and Executive Chef at 8 Rivers Modern Caribbean ( in Denver.

"I never would have imagined that my love of cooking and cannabis could bring so much comfort and peace to people's lives," said Durrah, who was named 2010 Medical Marijuana Advocate of the Year, along with his wife Wanda James. "We care about what our patients eat, so everything we prepare is 100% organic and tested for potency and purity."

"These demonstrations are all about making medical marijuana delicious and fun," added Gennett. "By using healing plant medicine in conjunction with organic, whole foods, we are honoring our bodies and promoting health and vitality in our community."

Gennett kicks off the demonstrations Friday at 5 pm with a Warm Winter Soup. Other demonstrations include:

Friday, December 17:

  • 7 pm, Turkey and White Bean Chili with Chef Scott Durrah
  • 9 pm, The Perfect Nightcap: Infused Bud Brandy Snaps with Coffee filling with Chef Rachel Wolpo

Saturday, December 18:

  • 12 pm, Kickin' It Off Light: Black Bean and Corn Salad and Quinoa Salad with Chef Lauren Gennett
  • 3 pm, Mastery of Meat; Part I: That's a Spicy Meatball! with Chef Scott Durrah
  • 5 pm, Traditional Treats: Infused Lemon Bars with Chef Rachel Wolpo

Sunday, December 19

  • 2 pm, Starting from Scratch: How to make cannabis butter with Chef Scott Durrah
  • 5 pm, European Eats: Mediterranean Mezzo Platter (Bruschetta, Roasted Cauliflower with Lemon Zest, Capers, Parsley, Tapenade and Grilled Flatbread) with Chef Lauren Gennett

Cooking Demo Schedule

The Simply Pure Difference -- Lab tested for purity, potency and consistency
Simply Pure's new line of organic edibles fresh from the farm to the kitchen includes peanut brittle, sesame brittle, granola bars, as well as peppermint cups and coconut cups. All plants are pesticide-free and are grown with only organic nutrients. We take extra care to prepare our foods with all natural ingredients, and our medicine is made with the patient in mind. And most importantly, our products are made by trained professionals who love food and love cannabis.

Company Founders Scott Durrah and Wanda James were recently featured on NBC Nightly News, and the CNBC documentary, Marijuana, USA.

About Simply Pure:
Simply Pure is a Colorado grown company dedicated to the wellness of its customers. Simply Pure's product line of cannabis edibles uses only the highest quality organic cooking ingredients and 100% pure, organically grown Colorado bud. Simply Pure edibles are lab tested for potency, purity, and consistency, and come in a variety of delicious products including peanut brittle, granola bars and peppermint cups. For more information, go to


Global Marijuana March

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On the 1st of May 2010 the Global Marijuana March help its worldwide event. This multi city event takes place in over 200 cities worldwide with an expected increase for next year’s march, the global marijuana march is organised every year in support of medical marijuana all around the world and all of the patients that need the aiding drug. If you happen to be in one of the 200 cities that celebrate this magnificent event then next time its on in 2011 take the time out of your busy schedule and rally with all of the cannabis supporters in support of medical marijuana.





The Global Marijuana March has many supporters worldwide but unfortunately this year at the 2010 Global Marijuana March, C.A.L.M. One of the largest supporters in the Toronto was wrongfully raided by police, leaving over 2,500 sick patients without their medical marijuana. So, if this is not a good enough reason for you to get your clothes on and take to the streets for a good cause, of course the course is weed, then I doubt anything else is. Stay in touch as well fans as we will be posting the dates and locations for the 2011 global marijuana march in a later post so that you can all be prepared for the festive event.


Kush expo going on right now and this weekend.

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**Kush Expo will have a designated 420 smoking area!

The Kush Expo is the biggest Medical Marijuana Expo to hit Orange County, California. There will be hundreds of booths and thousands of giveaways. There will also be a full weekend of seminars and presentations by guest speakers including grow experts, industry leaders, advocates, attorneys and many more.




Event Tickets & Times
This show is for adults only, you must be at least 18 years of age to enter!
Tickets: $15.00 | Online: $15.00
Friday 2:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Saturday 11:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Sunday 11:00 AM - 7:00 PM
For more information check out


Cannabis competition charity event ruined by High Times and the man!

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Kevin Reed can't catch a break. Reed, the CEO of medical cannabis delivery service The Green Cross, has for the past three years hosted an annual pot party/fundraiser called the SF Cannabis Cup (re-dubbed the "Cannabis Competition" for this year's fete due to copyright concerns), in which a select group of judges -- all medical cannabis patients -- get completely ripped as they sample roughly 60 of the best grams of cannabis, concentrates, and edibles Bay Area dispensaries have to offer.

The fourth annual iteration is this Sunday, Nov. 14 -- but after a few calls from SFPD forced a costly venue change, all of the funds that were to go to the SF chapter of Americans for Safe Access have been eaten up. And now, New York City-based cannabis culture magazine High Times is threatening Reed with legal action, promising at least $75,000 in legal fees as well as seizing all of the proceeds from the event if Reed goes forward.


Read the full story HERE


Cannabis Cup 2010

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The long awaited cannabis cup show is nearly here and with it comes many different varieties of amazing weed. Judge’s passes will be sold right up until the event starts, the “early bird” special prices for 199 Dollars were going on up until June 1st 2010 so if you were one of the lucky people who got one of them then congrats to you.



For the rest of you there is no reason to feel left out, you can still obtain one of these passes for no less than 250 Dollars if you purchase online between 6/2/10 to the 11/15/10, if you have no ability to buy the pass online then you can simply turn up at the door and request a pass but be warned as that will cost a nice sum of 250 Euros instead of Dollars. If you can’t afford these hefty prices for judge’s passes you can simply buy a single ticket admission to the expo at the PowerZone for 30 Euros. So for all you who are thinking of going to this event do not hesitate as you will get to sample some of the finest marijuana that the world has to offer.



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