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Exclusive Miss High Times contestant interview: Andrea | Fun Marijuana THC Finder

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Exclusive Miss High Times contestant interview: Andrea

Category: Fun | Posted on Mon, March, 21st 2011 by THCFinder

This two year contestant of Miss High Times sat down with us at THCFinder to let us pick her brain. A commonality that the Miss High Times contestants seem to have in common is their mutual love for cannabis and the medical community. “I read every book about cannabis and watched every documentary the next thing that happened was I became a legal patient as soon as the law allowed me to.” Andrea told us. As a true believer in the miracles of medicine Andrea started growing her own crop. “Phase two; I started growing my own meds which is such a fulfilling experience. Next I became a caregiver, not for profit, my mission became about helping patients. I started Leaves of Life Caregivers; from there I was able to meet so many amazing people that are a part of this wonderful cannabis community”. Andrea has been using her time to better the medical marijuana industry through her networking as well. “I’ve been able to network with people like KOP, Danny Danko, DJ Slim, April Price, and Bobby Black at the Boston Freedom Rally. My life now, compared to two years ago is so much better and I owe a lot of It to Miss High Times; but I owe 100% of it to cannabis”. Andrea was another great interview and we appreciate everything she has done for the community. “Even though I haven’t been picked yet I feel like I’vealready won. With all the positive changes that have happened how can I not”?


THC: What is your favorite kind of bud to smoke?

AB:I Love Diesel strains. I love the way they smell, and taste…also, I love a pure indica.


THC: How old were you when you started smoking and who introduced it to you?

AB:I was pretty young when I first smoked 12 almost 13 actually...It was at my friend’s house, she got it from her older brother. We smoked and watched "Up In smoke". I’ve never laughed so hard in my life.


THC: What is your favorite piece to smoke out of?

AB:My favorite smoking device is my Elite Bong or my vape. I also love myRaw papers for my joints


THC: What is your favorite smoking movie to watch?

AB:I definitely enjoy standup comedy when I’m Blazen’, or I also love a good documentary…like,‘The Union’ or ‘How Weed Won the West’.

THC: What is your favorite munchie food?

AB:My favorite munchie food would have to be...hmmm…only one? Then probably, root beer floats...and I ♥sour candy!!!


THC: Do you prefer indica and sativa blends?

AB:I prefer indicas but I don’t discriminate. I love all cannabis; it really depends on the day for me.


THC: If you could smoke with anyone, living or dead, who would it be and why?

AB:If I could smoke with one person it would be Jack Herer...he was such a big part of this [cannabis] movement and I would of loved to have had the pleasure of sharing my finest cannabis with him. It would have been an honor!


THC: What is your favorite music to listen to while you’re smoking?

AB:My Favorite music to listen to while smoking would have to be: Kid Cudi, Thievery Corporation ,Kings Of Leon, Morecheeba ,Jack Johnson...you know, that type of stuff.


THC: What kind of a smoker are you?

AB:Well If I was to say the type of smoker I am, its daily...I smoke cannabis for many reasons some of which are medical. So for me,it’s a daily, every few hours type of thing ..I love tinctures and edibles as well and….I make a mean GlycerineTincture ..and my cannbutter is so good.

THC: How do your parents and family feel about you smoking?

AB:My family is very accepting of my cannabis use...they have seen such a change in my life for the positive and they have seen me use cannabis through it all.


THC: What do you do besides smoke? In your free time, work/school, etc?

AB:Well My life isn’t smoking 24/7 but its pretty cannabis filled. I own Leaves Of life Caregivers which takes up a lot of my time. WhenI’m not doing that I love doing anything outdoors, I am my happiest when out in nature. I love the beaches…going Fishing and hiking. I love going sledding in the winter, four wheeling as well as photography and art ...you’re never too old to have fun! I love to decorate and to cook but most of all I love spending time with my family pets and friends.


THC: What is your most memorial smoking or high experience?

AB:My most memorable high experience was my first time...that’s something I’ll never forget. Also, its not one time but every time I smoke with a patient and see them get relief...that’s a very gratifying experience as well.


THC: What is the first thing you’re going to do if you win ‘High Times Girl’?

AB:The first thing I would do if I won Miss High Times would be say thank you to the people that helped make it happen.


THC: Any last comments?

AB:If you would like to vote for me you can do so daily at www.misshightimes.com/users/jaydenblaze




Andrea is a daily smoker turned true advocate and we have no doubt that she will soon be a big name within the industry. We appreciate the opportunity to be able to talk with Andrea and we wish her the best in her pursuit of Miss High Times.


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