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Spider Mites And What To Do With Them

Category: News | Posted on Sun, November, 14th 2010 by THCFinder

So, You have finally got your gardens set up and your plants are growing nicely and steadily but there is one small problem, your plants have gotten spider mites on them and you don’t know what to do. Instead of spraying strong pesticides on them and damaging your crop we’re going to show you a way on removing these unwanted pests and keep your crop healthy.





Spray a strong jet of water over all surfaces of the plant, including stems, foliage and undersides of the leaves. The stream will wash the insects off. This is the easiest way to control spider mites. If the water alone doesn’t do the job, spray with a soap/oil mixture. Mix 1/2 tsp. insecticidal soap, 1/4 tsp. horticultural oil, and 1 quart water in a spray bottle. For more stubborn infestations, spray with pyrethrin or neem oil. Water the plant well before spraying. Both of these products are organic but have a good track record for controlling spider mites. Numerous chemical products are also available for the control of spider mites.


If all of this fails then you may very well have to harvest your crop early, We know that this is really unwanted by many growers but if worst comes to worst than this is the only thing that you can do without damaging your crop.


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