Another Day, Another Inane Pot Club Raid

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In an effort to waste time, or whatever, Santa Clara County authorities on Thursday busted several medical marijuana clubs selling weed in the county. "An official with the County Special Enforcement Team said narcotics agents served warrants on two MediLeaf medical marijuana clubs in San Jose and properties in Gilroy and Morgan Hill," reports AP (via CBS 5)."Task force commander Danielle Ayers said agents shut down the clubs, seized marijuana, documents and computers."

The Mercury News goes on to reports that the recent bust was "the latest in a series of actions against medical marijuana" clubs in the area. The Merc goes on to report: "Danielle Ayers, task force commander of the County Special Enforcement Team, said the MediLeaf owner is suspected of illegally selling marijuana and money laundering."

Good grief, wouldn't it make more sense to burn the money it cost to conduct these raids, dig a 20-foot hole in the earth, and then bury the ashes of said scorched money? Yes. Yes, it would. While we understand that recreational pot smokers over the age of 30 are annoying as all hell -- and that federal law doesn't recognizeProposition 215 -- we do appreciate the Bay Area's relentless supply of medicinal marijuana for those in need. We tip our hat to those fighting the good, pain-relieving, sticky-bud fight.

Also, Vicodin makes us too itchy. So, thanks for all you do, pot clubs



Miley Cyrus smokes weed from a bong

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The story is it's really only Salvia, but we all know the truth. Miley Cyrus is another Stoner.



Iowa's Johnson-Koulianos Appears On Drug Charges

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Standout Iowa receiver Derrell Johnson Koulianos made his court appearance on Wednesday on drug charges that have shocked Hawkeye fans and left his future in doubt. Johnson Koulianos, Iowa's leading receiver and a fan favourite is not accused of dealing drugs. But he is charged with allowing drugs to be used  and likely sold from his home in a quiet neighbourhood several blocks from campus, and with possession of small amounts of cocaine and marijuana. Police say he tested positive and admitted to using both.




Decked out in big glasses and sports jacket over a turtleneck, Johnson Koulianos smiled for photographers as he entered the Johnson County courtroom. He stood with his hands behind his back as Judge Stephen Gerard read the seven charges against him and the potential jail time of up to 7 and a half years and fines he faces. He waived his right to a preliminary hearing and an arraignment date was not scheduled. He walked out of the courthouse without commenting and left in a car driven by defence attorney John Beasley, who also declined comment.

The 23 year old receiver and his roommate, 21 year old Brady Cooper Johnson, were charged on Tuesday after police officers raided their Iowa City home. Johnson Koulianos was released after posting $8,000 bond. Johnson made his initial appearance by video from the jail, where he was later released on $14,500 bond. The two are not related.


Pounds Of Pot Found In Shrimp Cans

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More than 50 pounds of marijuana were found packed up in shrimp cans in a car and at a Licking County business on Tuesday. Troopers stopped a Buick travelling along Route 23 in Ross County for marked lanes violations and discovered 25 pounds of marijuana packed in five pound metal shrimp cans, the Ohio State Highway Patrol said. Information in the car led investigators to a Licking County business, where another 28 pounds of pot were found.





Police have not released the name of the business or the address. The drugs were estimated to have a street value of roughly 120,000 dollars. The driver of the car a Mr. Jose Guzman was charged with drug possession and trafficking marijuana. Guzman aged 60 was held at the Ross County Jail, if convicted of his charged he could face up to 10 years in jail and a fine of 10,000 dollars.


Medical marijuana collective robbed

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 — A worker at a Sorrento Valley medical marijuana collective was robbed at gunpoint Wednesday night, San Diego police said.

Two men carrying pistols walked into San Diego Herbal Alternatives on Oberlin Drive, south ofMira Mesa Boulevard, about 7:40 p.m and demanded money, police Officer David Stafford said.

The female employee handed over some money and the men left. Police had only sketchy descriptions of the robbers.


Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Banned in Parts of LA County

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As of the start of the new year, medical marijuana dispensaries will be banned in unincorporated Los Angeles County. The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted today to approve the ban by 4 to 1, given a 4-1 vote in favour of the ban two weeks ago a ban hasbeen in the works for several months.




The ban was proposed by Michael Antonovich, who believes having dispensaries in the area will create more crime and pose a safety threat to residents. Currently no permits have been authorized for medical marijuana dispensaries to operate in unincorporated areas, so if there are any such businesses operating right now, they are doing so illegally.


Those objecting to the ban could file suit against the County to block the ban. Ahead of the Board's vote there were protesters outside chanting "safe access now" and carrying signs. Inside the meeting, the ban was passed without comment and "no advocates appeared inside the hearing room" to speak on behalf of dispensaries.



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