310 Pounds Of Marijuana Hidden In Frozen Carrots

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A drug smuggler's plans to make money sneaking marijuana into the United States went up in smoke after U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials discovered 310 pounds of pot hidden among frozen carrots.
The officers weeded out the weed Wednesday after the suspect, a 29-year-old U.S. citizen from Maywood, Calif., drove a 2005 Bobtail truck from Baja California into the Otay Mesa cargo facility near San Diego, NBCSanDiego.com reported.
When officials inspected the truck, they discovered 42 packages of pot hidden in the boxes of carrots that had an estimated street value of $500,000, the Los Angeles Times reported.
The driver, whose name has not been released, is facing federal charges for the attempted illegal smuggling of marijuana.
He was booked into federal prison until his arraignment, Fox5SanDiego.com reported.


Alligator found in California home guarding $100,000 marijuana stash

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CBS/AP) CASTRO VALLEY, Calif. - California police who entered a man's house Wednesday afternoon for a probation check said they found a $100,000 stash of marijuana guarded by a five-foot-long alligator.
The San Francisco Chronicle reported that Alameda County deputies entered the home of 32-year-old Assif Mayr where they found 34 pounds of marijuana and the five-foot alligator in a tank in the bedroom.
Sheriff's Sgt. J.D. Nelson said Mayr got the alligator, named "Mr. Teeth," in 1996 "to commemorate the death of rapper Tupac Shakur." Nelson added that the alligator was likely used as a deterrent against marijuana thieves.
Mayr was arrested and booked into jail on suspicion of possessing marijuana for sale. He is held in lieu of $160,000 bail.
The alligator was taken to the Oakland Zoo. Officials there described it as very sick and said it was being cared for at the zoo's veterinary hospital.


Flying High: Cannon Fires Cans Filled With Marijuana Across Mexican Border

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Last year, smugglers tried using a catapult to get pot into the U.S.
Now, U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents say they recently discovered 30 large cans of marijuana in a field near Yuma, Ariz., — and that the barrels apparently landed there after being fired from a pneumatic-powered cannon 500 feet away in Mexico.
The pot totaled about 85 pounds and "was valued at $42,500," NBCSanDiego.com says.
In other smuggling news, "Spanish authorities say they have arrested a Panamanian woman arriving at Barcelona airport with 3 pounds of cocaine concealed in breast implants," The Associated Press says.
The Panamanian woman was picked up at the airport in Barcelona.
So, it seems, we have two cases of flying high.


Couple who used profits from marijuana farm to help Kenyan village sentenced to 3 years in jail

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It’s a drug lord meets Robin Hood kind of story.
Michael Foster and Susan Cooper were each sentenced to three years in prison after cops discovered a massive marijuana factory at their home in Lincolnshire, England. The couple made more than $600,000 in drug profits over 6 years — money they used for charity, The Guardian reported.
Foster, 62, and Cooper, 63, pleading guilty to charges of producing cannabis and possessing criminal money, but explained how they used the cash to help a Kenyan village they often visited.
“While in Kenya, they bought a computer for a local eye hospital, paid for children to be put through school, and paid for a lifesaving operation on a man’s gangrenous leg,” an attorney for Foster, Gareth Wheetman, said in court this week, according to The Guardian.
Cops busted the couple by accident in 2010, when an officer happened to be chasing a burglar near their home and reportedly caught a whiff of weed.
About $32,000 worth of pot — 159 plants — and another $32,000 in cash was found in the raid.
Officers found 159 marijuana plants when they raided the couple’s farmhouse in 2010.
The operation was described as a “professional and commercial set-up.”
The couple got away with their unusually high electric bill by claiming to run a pottery business with a kiln.
Foster and Cooper were painted in court as a pair of do-gooders who made a bad decision.
“You were growing [marijuana] on a significant scale, jetting off to Kenya on it,” judge Sean Morris said. “I am sure you were doing good things in Kenya with your drug money, whether that was to appease your consciences, I can only speculate.”


Funded by Purple Kush

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Obama Teams Up With Kal Penn In New Campaign Video

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The Obama campaign released a new video on Monday featuring the president imploring actor and former White House staffer Kal Penn to take his job seriously when he hosts coverage of the Democratic National Convention this week -- and Penn appearing to be too stoned to care.

The video shows President Barack Obama making a phone call to someone to remind him of the stakes of his hosting duties on Thursday night, when Obama is scheduled to deliver his speech at the convention.
"Hey, this is Barack," the president says. "Listen, I need to know if you're on board. Okay, good. Because I'm counting on you. Everybody is. We have to get this right. So there's a lot at stake here. Just remember that I'm trusting you on this and I'll see you then."
Obama hangs up and the video pans to a shot of Penn slumped in a couch watching cartoons, stuffing his face with munchies, and slowly hanging up the phone. Slouched in the sofa next to him is John Cho, the actor who played his stoner companion, Harold, in the "Harold & Kumar" movies.
"Dude, who was that? That sounded intense," says Cho as he shovels cheesepuffs into his mouth.
"The president," Penn says with a blank stare and no enthusiasm.
"Sweet," says Cho. Moments later, both devolve into laughter at the cartoons they're watching.
The video may strike some viewers as odd, given that Obama has come under fire for cracking down on medical marijuana dispensaries despite promising not to during his 2008 campaign.



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