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Cops: Man steals pot from police because 'it smelled so good'

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A man in Pennsylvania who was arrested Saturday for allegedly stealing a bag of marijuana from a police station says he did so because he couldn’t resist the drug’s aroma.
Kimball noted in the police report that at one point during their conversation, Thompson followed Kimball into a patrol room where the weed was sitting on a counter. Kimball then escorted Thompson back to the original room. After Thompson left the station, Kimball went back into the patrol room and noticed the bag of pot was gone.
Kimball searched the desk and asked other officers about the evidence but found no trace of the weed. Another officer tracked Thompson down outside the police station, asking him, “What did you do with the weed?”
Thompson held out his left hand and placed the bag in the officer’s hand, according to the affidavit. Police arrested Thompson and said they also found a suspected marijuana pipe in his pocket.
Police said that back at the station, Thompson apologized repeatedly, telling police, “I just couldn’t help myself. That bud smelled so good.” He also reportedly told police he couldn’t believe he was in trouble for “taking a little bit of weed,” especially since he had stopped by to give them information.


WTF? Marijuana scent can cause cancer???

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Man Eats Dog Alive While High on Synthetic Marijuana

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WACO (KWTX-TV)—A Waco, Texas man faces a charge of cruelty to a non-livestock animal in a bizarre incident in which he attacked and ate his family dog.  Michael Terron Daniel, 22,  claims he was high on the drug K-2, also known as synthetic marijuana, when the attack occured.
Police say Daniel chased a neighbor while barking and growling like a dog and then attacked a family dog, which he beat, strangled and then started to eat. Daniel was arrested Monday at his workplace without incident, police said. 
The arrest stems from an incident on June 14th.  A caller to 911 reported that a man was “going crazy.” The man, who evidently assaulted several people at the home and told them he “was on a bad trip from ingesting K-2, ”got down “on his hands and knees and chased a neighbor while barking and growling like a dog,” according to witnesses, Waco police Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton said. 
The man then took a medium-sized black dog onto the front porch of the home where he beat and strangled the animal and then “began to bite into the dog, ripping pieces of flesh away,” Swanton said. The dog died at the scene. 
Officers found Daniel sitting on the porch with blood on his hands, clothing and face, Swanton said. He was “initially incoherent and unresponsive,” Swanton said, and was taken to Providence Health Center by ambulance. While waiting for paramedics to arrive, Swanton said, Daniel asked officers to fight him or use a stun gun “to help him get off his bad trip,” Swanton said. Officers did neither, Swanton said. 
K-2 is a form of synthetic marijuana. None of the chemicals the herbal product contains is a copy of anything found in cannabis, although the effects can be similar. Studies suggest synthetic cannabis use is associated with psychosis and the exacerbation of existing psychotic disorders. Extreme paranoia, hallucinations and violent behavior have also been reported.


Chemicals in Some Baby Shampoos and Soaps Causing Positive THC Results

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It seems some chemicals in several common baby shampoos and soaps – like polyquarternium-11 and cocamidopropyl betaine - can cause positive results for THC in urine. This discovery was made after a hospital in North Carolina noticed that newborn babies were testing positive for marijuana at incredible rates.


The lead author of a study into the issue - Dr. Catherine Hammett-Stabler – told ABC News, "We went up to the nursery, followed the nurses and the staff around to identify everything that was done, everything that was essentially touching those babies' skins, could possibly come into contact with the urine that we were subsequently testing. We were really surprised when we found it was the soaps were the culprit."


The shampoos and soaps causing the positive results include Johnson & Johnson's Bedtime Bath, CVS Night-time Baby Bath, Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Creamy Wash and Aveeno Baby Wash & Shampoo.


Which brings up an interesting dilemma. If your newborn baby tests positive for marijuana, the mothers can be subject to dire consequences, including the loss of their child. How many mothers have been falsely accused across the country?


"[The researchers] do not want to be falsely accusing anybody. They want to correctly identify situations that need additional intervention or social services actions for the protection of the baby," Stabler said.


But this can’t be the only hospital this has happened at.


"This has profound implications," said Dr. John Spangler, an associate professor of family and community medicine at Wake Forest University School of Medicine, in an email to ABC News. "Think about being a mother who knows she has never been exposed to illicit drugs. How does she fight against the supposed 'objective' lab test?


"On the one hand, we must screen babies' urine to protect them from harmful environments, such as households where drugs are used," he said. "On the other hand, this study makes clear that such screens are plagued by known and unknown factors that can result in false positives."


So many kids taken away in fits of “reefer madness;” how many mothers have been falsely accused?


Source: http://abcnews.go.com


DEA Agents Under Investigation in Prostitution Scandal

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According to reports several Drug Enforcement Administration agents are under investigation for hiring prostitutes in Columbia. The investigation is said to be separate from the much-publicized incident involving prostitutes, Columbia and secret service agents.


"The Drug Enforcement Administration was provided information from the Secret Service unrelated to the Cartagena hotel Secret Service incident, which DEA immediately followed up on, making DEA employees available to be interviewed by the Department of Justice's Office of Inspector General," a DEA spokesman said. "DEA takes allegations of misconduct very seriously and will take appropriate personnel action, if warranted, upon the conclusion of the OIG investigation."


While prostitution is legal in Columbia and adults shouldn’t be judged for their actions unless they are infringing on the rights of another, it’s quite hypocritical of men fighting the drug war to decide what activities adults are allowed.


Yet this doesn’t come as a surprise. The DEA operates with immunity and a huge budget. They are answerable to know one and have tremendous authority worldwide.


Sen. Susan Collins of Maine says she knew of the investigation a few weeks ago, but was asked to keep it confidential until it could progress further. "It's disturbing that we may be uncovering a troubling culture that spans more than one law enforcement agency," she said.


That’s what happens when people are given unlimited power. They can do what they want while enforcing a different moral code on others. They can violate the rules of their own agency and probably think nothing will come of it. Maybe nothing will come of it.


It’s time that the DEA gets reigned in, and not because of this incident. They trample the rights of people on a daily basis with no sign of letting up. Who will finally tell them enough is enough.


Source: http://usnews.msnbc.msn.com




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