Doctors Son Jumps To His Death After Smoking A Joint

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A doctor's son threw himself to his death from a sixth floor window after taking just one puff of a powerful 'skunk' cannabis joint, an inquest heard today.  Ahmed Shammam, 23, began behaving erratically and frothing at the mouth after taking a 'deep puff' of the joint in the early hours of July 30 this year.  Friends frantically tried to stop him as he ran in to the bathroom and out the window, falling 75 feet to his death. The electrical engineering student, who suffered hypersensitivity and claustrophobia, called out for his mother before plummeting to his death.   




He died instantly of a ruptured aorta, but received multiple injuries on impact, Westminster Coroner's Court heard.  Deputy coroner Dr Shirley Radcliffe said: 'This is the first time where I have come across something where it's a reaction to a very small amount.' Consultant pathologist Professor Sebastian Lucas said that toxicology reports at first showed no signs of the drug. It was only when it was sent back for a second check traces were found in Mr Shammam's blood. No traces were found in his urine, as it had not yet been processed by his body.  Only 2.5 mg of cannabis were found - any lower and it would have shown no trace, said Professor Lucas.  

He added: 'Cannabis can sometimes make people do very strange things very quickly.'  Mr Shammam, a Libyan national who had been in London for just four days, had spent the evening dining with his three pals close to the flat in Evelyn Court, Stourcliffe Street.  No alcohol or other drugs had been consumed, and Mr Shammam was a strict Muslim.  Recording a verdict of accidental death Dr Radcliffe said: 'On returning back to the flat it appears the cigarette was smoked by Mr Shammam that was described as being composed of strong skunk. 'His friends reported that Mr Shammam took a long deep puff and then his behaviour became odd and erratic. ‘He frothed at the mouth, he rushed in to the bathroom and went out of the window to the area below the flat. 


Arizona police find fake patrol car with marijuana

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FLORENCE - Pinal County sheriff's deputies say they found a car disguised as a patrol car and another car off the side of Interstate 8 in southern Arizona, and both had bails of marijuana in the trunk.
Sheriff's officials believe the fake patrol car attempted a traffic stop Saturday night on the second vehicle to steal the marijuana it was carrying.
Deputies say the engines of both vehicles were running when they stopped to check the scene near Vekol Valley, but the occupants were gone.
The fake patrol car was a Crown Victoria outfitted with red and blue lights, a siren, spotlight and front push bar.
A deputy found it stuck in loose dirt, with the trunk partially open.
It was about 20 feet behind the other car, which had crashed.


Feds Imagine Marijuana Growers Will Launch Terror Attack?

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Northern California pot growers bomb a car and a bus, then take over Shasta Dam in a bid to free an imprisoned comrade. It sounds like the plot to a very cheesy Grade-B thriller, but it was actually the premise for a day-long terrorist attack drill conducted by 20 state, local, and federal law enforcement agencies Wednesday.



According to an account published in the local paper theRedding Record Searchlight, the Shasta Dam scenario had the "Red Cell" pot grower/terrorists blowing up the car and bus to create a distraction and then taking over the dam. Holding three people hostage, the terrorist pot growers then threaten to flood the Sacramento River by opening the flood gates unless their imprisoned comrade is freed.

The drill was part of the US Bureau of Reclamation's Critical Infrastructure Crisis Response Exercise Program, which started in 2003. It identified six dams, including Shasta, the nation's second largest, as possible terrorist targets. Similar exercises took place at Utah's Flaming Gorge Dam in 2003, Washington's Grand Coulee Dam in 2005, and Hoover Dam on the Arizona-Nevada border in 2008. But none of those exercises identified pot growers as the putative terrorists.

According to bureau spokesperson Sheri Harral, the drill took 18 months of planning and cost the bureau $500,000. The other emergency and law enforcement agencies that participated paid their own expenses.

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Federal judge helped exotic dancer buy Marijuana

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A well-respected federal judge on Friday pleaded guilty to aiding an exotic dancer in purchasing illegal drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, and prescription drugs containing opiates.

U.S. District Court Judge Jack Camp pleaded guilty in an Atlanta, Georgia, courtroom to a felony charge of aiding and abetting a suspect's possession and use of cocaine and two misdemeanor charges: illegal drug possession and unlawfully giving his U.S. District Court-issued laptop to the stripper for her personal use.

The 68-year old Camp resigned as part of his plea agreement and faces as much as a four-year prison term when he appears for a March, 2011 sentencing hearing.

Camp first met the unidentified stripper at an Atlanta strip bar last spring when he purchased a "lap-dance" from her, according to the criminal indictment.

According to the report -- obtained by the National Association of Chiefs of Police -- Judge Camp returned to the club following evening, paid the dancer for sex, and snorted cocaine with her. The judge and stripper repeatedly met for sex and drugs, according to the report.

On October 1, 2010,  the judge and the exotic dancer, who by then was cooperating with FBI agents, purchased drugs from an undercover agent. Prior to the 'buy and bust', Camp admitted that he was carrying a concealed handgun.

"I'll watch your back anytime," he told the dancer, according to the FBI agents.

Camp was arrested a few minutes later and agents recovered two loaded handguns from Judge Camp's personal vehicle.


(Source: examiner.com)


Medical Marijuana - There's a strain for that!

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Fun weekly weed pictures

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Take a hit and have a good laugh.











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