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Bubble bags you don't want to miss out on!

Category: Product reviews | Posted on Fri, January, 13th 2012 by THCFinder

Let me start off by saying the people at www.bubblebag.com are truely amazing and their customer service and level of professionalism is abosolutely astonishing! Their product is by far the best on the market that I have come across and can say with personal experience that this is one product that I am happy to have found!



The quality of BubbleBags have far surpassed my expectations. I received the BubbleBags in a very timely fashion and was amazed that the stitching is such a high top quality with no fraying. After fifteen heavy uses the bags still look brand new and the work bag is in great condition.  

They came in a very useful cotton bag for easy transportation and I also received 3 very nice pressing screens. The color coding is very helpful in remembering what micron size goes where and boy do these bags create some amazing full melt bubble hash.

This is a picture of some of the actual product that was created using the bubble bags, see below:



The best quality was in the 90/73/45 micron bags but the best and most melty was in the 73 bag.  That’s our winner for the material we used while I completed my bubble run in record timing with the BubbleBags.  Other brands interior walls are sometimes too thick/heavy and are extremely difficult to fold over and bend to retrieve the hash. The end product is many times more potent than my local dispensary with little to no cost to the end users.   The 73u product is by far the best while using 5-10 minutes of light agitation with a wooden spoon created the meltyest of all batches. The lighter we agitated the better the product came out.  

I just can't say enough good things about this product and the company behind it, they have their quality bags HAND STICHED IN NAPAL! 

So after you stop drooling, check out BubbleBag.com and get yours today!








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